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december '21 playlist

by Beca Damico 9 months ago in playlist
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we made it! here's to 12 more playlists in 2022.

Somehow we made it another 12 months. In 2021, I graduated high school, turned 18, moved to New York City and finished my first semester of college at New York University. These are only some of the milestones and big events that I experienced this year. As we continued to live through a global pandemic, music kept me sane. I think it’s safe to say I listened to music every single day this year, all 365 of them. I made 12 playlists this year (and I plan to do the same in 2022), here is the final and twelfth playlist.

1. I’m Trying (Not Friends) by Maisie Peters → To be completely honest, I found this one on Tik Tok but it’s such a good song! The vibes, the lyrics, the BRIDGE! Couldn’t leave 2021 without one more angry girl song.

2. It’ll Be Okay by Shawn Mendes → Celebrity breakups are so painful…but Shawn never fails to give us deep, heartfelt songs that make us sob for nights and nights, or is that just me? This song is meant to teach us that sometimes we aren’t meant to be with the people we love. Time to cry again.

3. feel like shit by Tate McRae → If they ever make a movie about my life I want Tate McRae to sing the entire soundtrack. This is YET ANOTHER brilliant, amazing song about those relatable moments we experience as a young adult.

4. get away by LANY → I think by this point you guys know JUST HOW MUCH I absolutely LOVE LANY. Every song is like a breath of fresh air. This song is about someone being so in love with their partner that they don’t understand how their ex could let them “get away.” I will forever be waiting for someone to write a song like this about me.

5. somewhere by LANY → another LANY song … no one is surprised. But this one is different, this one isn’t about love, this one is about finding yourself and becoming independent. My favorite lyric in this song is: “So I’m learnin’ how to live without needin’ anybody.” It’s important to love yourself and to learn how to appreciate your own company :)

6. Softcore by The Neighborhood → Classic neighborhood moment. My friend showed me this song and my life was changed. It has definitely been on repeat this month. This band never fails to give us the sexiest songs.

7. GROWING UP IS ___ by Ruel → I CAN’T BELIEVE that it had been 2 years since we heard from our Australian king. This song tickles my brain in the best way. Much like Ms. Tate McRae, Ruel knows how to write about those specific feelings and thoughts we are all experiencing growing up in this century. Growing up IS weird, and every word in this song perfectly encapsulates the weirdness.

8. Velcro (feat. Gus Dapperton) by spill tab → I’m pretty sure this song is about catching feelings when you KNOW that you’re not supposed to because it’s just going to cause you more heartbreak. We’ve all been there. Additionally, this song just sounds really pretty.

9. K. by Cigarettes After Sex → Sexy song of the month.

10. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex → Sexy song of the month #2.

11. Honest by The Neighborhood → Not gonna lie, this discovery stemmed from my (but also everyone else’s) newfound obsession with Spider-Man, and specifically Mr. Andrew Garfield as Spidey. I love the Neighborhood and this song is just soooo good. AH.

12. GO TO HELL by Clinton Kane → You can never have too many angry songs. I will leave you with these lyrics “Did you care when you just tore my heart to shred in someone’s bed?”

13. Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home) by Elle King & Miranda Lambert → TW: country music. Heard this song in a cycling class and quickly became addicted. I’m not the biggest country fan, but this song is too good to not be appreciated. Can’t wait to listen to this while driving in the summer with all my windows down.

14. nothing else i could do by ella jane → Someone showed me this song and then i learned that it’s based off of the great gatsby and i had watched that movie the day before…big coincidence moment. SUCH A GOOD SONG, so many emotions.

15. IRIS by Ashes to Amber → This one was sent to me by the same friend that showed me the ella jane song. Long story short, I am in love with this song. Weirdly, it makes me want to go to the beach.

16. Motocross by Huron John → I think this might be my favorite song this month, the same friend from before showed me this one. I am obsessed. The lyrics, “My selfish destruction is based in FOMO” like COME ON. So good I can’t. This song transports me to another dimension.

17. one more time by The Marias → THIS COVER is so magical, that’s all I have to say.


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Beca Damico

hi :) my name is beca and im a freshman at nyu! i love writing more than anything. in my opinion writing is the best form of self expression. here i will get to share what i am passionate about, i hope you enjoy.

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