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Crazy, Weird Love: 5 Love Lessons from Weird Al Yankovic

by Art-Peeter Roosve 4 years ago in humanity
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They say that love is blind. I say it's weird.

Photo via Rolling Stone

So, love is pretty weird. It doesn't make any sense half of the time and can drive you mad. It's, well, complicated. Yet, this doesn't take anything away from our desire to explore and express it no matter how confusing or silly it sometimes might come out. In fact, that's probably why so many musicians literally sing about nothing else. That's also why I figured that in order to better understand this confusing driving force of human psyche, it might not be such a bad idea to learn from someone who specializes in exploring silly.

So, lets take a quick look at five of the most profound and thoughtful love songs by Weird Al Yankovic to see what one of the most underrated romantics of our time has taught us about love over the years.

Sometimes a relationship just fizzles out. Not through some huge conflict, but rather, small step by small step at a time until it's over without you even noticing it. It's that feeling of not really feeling it anymore even though you don't even have anything specific to point towards. In fact, it might only be apparent in these little barely noticeable moments.

However, when one is perceptive enough to pick up on these small signs and address them, the relationship might still be saved. Like, for example, by expressing your doubts with a song just like young Albert Yankovic did many years ago.

Perhaps, it doesn't have to come to this above mentioned slow and uncertain process of growing apart. Perhaps, all of it can be avoided by immediately being honest about who we truly are. In other words, to try and enable each other to see past this initial impulse in order to discover who the other one truly is. Otherwise, you might be faced with a problematic truth, thus turning your life into a living hell.

Therefore, it's nice that Al was honest and brave enough to bring us this cautionary tale about why you should never hide your true self when entering into a relationship.

Continuing on the theme of honesty, love game is often portrayed to be this slow and subtle buildup of innuendos and hints. The fun of the flirt so to say. Only thing is it can also be tedious and unnecessary. Sometimes it's better to just be honest about your feelings. Simply say what you feel in as smooth a way as you think you can. Even if you don't have an ounce of tact. You know, like Al does here.

Of course, when these feelings are one-sided, there's really not much to do with boldness and directness. You should just stop. Or better yet, not even start. It's true that love can make you crazy, but it should never make you creepy. This is something that Al makes abundantly clear on one of his occasional departures from his trademark witty and wholesome humor to a slightly darker territory. It's always a nice contrast and another subtle love lesson learned.

So, indeed, love is weird. There is so much that can go wrong with it and there are countless obstacles and pitfalls lurking at every corner. Well, in theory at least. Actually, it's simple. When it's there and it's real, it's the very definition of happiness—an unmistakable feeling, as well as a state of being, where all the everyday obstacles the world might throw at you become nothing. Just like Al wiselyand very practicallyteaches us in this beautiful ballad created during the dark times of 2008's financial crash.


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So, to put it simply (and slightly cheesily) I'm fascinated with life. And, well, writing about films, TV shows, video games, music, travelling, philosophy and Formula 1 among other is a fun way to explore it.

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