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Concerts, Whispers...What happens when you find yourself at a show?

Fandoms, Bands, Drama

By Jen SPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Music Festival - Fans Waiting For Bands

Nothing like having a little backstage fun when one of your favorite bands come into your city. Fandom drama and stories all around you; What one does, one can always tell.

Never leave your favorite concert without some kind of outrageous amusing story left behind.

As loud as it gets when the music is pumping while you’re waiting, the talks around the floor are quite the what happens when fans love to mention backstage gossip?

It all begins while standing in line, some wait for 11 hours or more, others show up right before doors. But while you wait, there are loads of fans talking, hitting up social media, watching the bands posts to keep updated. As for the fandom, whether you’re there for the headliner or for one of the openers, you’re all in this line for one reason. The band.

What some hear, one can only assume and the truth lies somewhere within the lyrics and the behaviors brought from the band members and the fans who are there to see them.

City to city, different VIPs offered, the tour travels along the coasts, with the rumors following because of social media posts. Show after show, night after night, photos after photos, fans turn memories into real life stories, but are their stories real? Or just the fans observed feelings and perceptions?

Which girls or boys get the most attention? Who struggles to even get that extra minute with a band? Who waits hours before and after the show and doesn’t luck out on a meet and greet?

It all begins with how well a fan knows the band.....or maybe who they know, if you get what that means?

The thing about attending concerts is that you never know who will say what about their interaction with a band. And this is where all the backstage gossip begins.

Fans attending these shows vary from head to toes. It’s understandable no doubt, not one person is going to be the same; you see all the types of fans these bands bring out. Some fans are hardcore dedicated, others just enjoy the music; you never know how long a fan has been following the band. Whether you, as a fan, knew their music or not, there's always bound to be a different interpretation of the night.

There are various types of fans in a fanbase and everyone knows it, including the band members. Even with the members in the bands, you have “famous” ones versus the least “famous” ones (basically, you know which member is the popular one and which member is the least favorite). Same thing goes the other way; when you know a band member favorites a fan more than other fans - you can tell just by the glow in their face, the look in their eyes, the large cute smile, to how they interact and focus their attention on that specific fan. It varies, but it’s just as obvious. The way us fans have our favorite members, the bands have their favorite fans too.

When it comes to fan bases, one can notate the perception of the show you’re attending. It all comes down to the way girls/guys dress, the tattoos people get, the different personalities, whether they are rocking the bands old Merch or quickly buying the new Merch and putting it on top of their clothes. It is inevitable about what fans would do for their favorite bands. Makes you wonder, what’s their backstage secret for being this dedicated to a band?

How many photos, autographs, lyrics that turn into tattoos that these members will do for their fans? How much do VIPs cost that fans will pay to meet the band for barely even a minute? How many Meet & Greets will fans buy for one tour? How many shows will fans attend? Will they do one? Or twenty-seven?

Something about the music industry pulls you in and makes you want to “fit in” with the in-crowd, make you fit in with the bands image. The bands influence your lifestyle in so many ways. These people who save your lives from your everyday struggles just by listening to their lyrics or watching their music videos help you identify who you are as a person, it’s crazy to consider that, right? Who are these people singing and playing music that impact who YOU as a person are? Why is it that relevant to you, and only you, but not for like your sibling, cousin, parents, aunts and uncles?

Who’s to judge a book by it’s cover when there are different sides to a story?

The hidden stories are the best notation when it comes to these live concerts.

You always questioned whether these people literally hook up or was it just a show, a front they put on, as well?

That’s the little secret that only one can tell. Here’s to loads more of backstage gossip.


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