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Chungha Querencia Album Review

Chungha Comeback Review

By ShinxPublished about a year ago 9 min read

Chungha has finally released her highly anticipated album Querencia, and it was worth the wait!

This is such an amazing album with so much going on, and I want to talk about each song. I am going to skip over Side A, Side B, Side C, and Side D interludes as well as the Querencia epilogue and just focus on the full-fledged songs. So let’s just alk about this incredible album.

Track 1: Bicycle

Bicycle is the official title track, and it is massive! From the fast pace instrumental to Chungha vocals, there is a lot going on in this song. It feels like an anthem and is probably my favorite Chungha title track. It is explosive and exciting, and I love how she says, “Get on my bike let’s go” in a deep voice. It punches hard. Then we also got Chungha rapping and I love that part. I’m so glad she got out of her comfort zone and tried to rap, and she did a fantastic job. Overall this is a fantastic song, and I only have one issue with Bicycle which is the progression from the bridge to the final chorus. It feels a bit off to me, and I wish that little instrumental break she had in the music video was included in the song to make the transition a bit smoother. Other than that, I love this song.


Track 2: Masquerade

Next is Masquerade, and it is a sultry and seductive song. It is enticing and full of passion in such an elegant way. It feels festive and mysterious like a masquerade, and I love Chungha vocals. She fits so well with these Latin type of songs and plays well into the seduction of the song. It is sexy and elegant, but it is also not as memorable as the other songs. Plus I feel like it’s missing something and needs a little extra spice. Overall though, I enjoy this song.


Track 3: Flying on Faith

Flying on Faith is the first full English song on the album, and it’s so beautiful. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. It also feels more personable and we get more insight into Chungha’s life. This song is basically about being with someone who hasn’t moved on from their previous relationship and showcases an unhealthy love triangle of sorts with a ghost. It is hauntingly beautiful, and Chungha again proves to us she is not just an incredible dancer but also an incredible singer. Her vocals here are so beautiful and really pulls us, listeners, into the story of the song. I also love the use of guitars in this song, it just sticks out to me a lot. Overall I am in love with this song.


Track 4: Luce Sicut Stellae

Luce Sicut Stellae is a pretty song that has a simple instrumental. It’s a really relaxing song to, but it doesn’t stick to me. I feel like this song is stuck, and it doesn’t go anywhere. When I listen to this song, I feel like I am waiting for something, but it never comes. The producers and writers could have done so much more with this song, but it is wasted potential. It is forgettable, and definitely my least favorite song.


Track 5: Stay Tonight

Stay Tonight is such an excellent song. It makes me feel like I am on the runway. It’s an amazing song with an interesting structure and keeps you on your toes. Chungha also fits this song perfectly. This is the perfect song for Chungha’s vocal colors, and her voice really shines during the pre-chorus where she sings, “Stay By My Side, Stay Tonight”. The pre-chorus is my favorite part of the song and is epic, and then it falls into the fake drop that flows right into the chorus and it is seamless. It perfectly blends together. I also love the instrumental break before the final chorus to give it more of an impactful ending. Overall I love this song. It’s spectacular!


Track 6: Dream Of You with R3HAB

Onto the second full English song, and I love that it is placed right after Stay Tonight because it feels like a continuation to it. It has that runway and vogue feel to it that Stay Tonight has, and also that sultry element to it. It is a great song and an amazing collab. I love what R3HAB did in this song, and gave it a funky dance element to it but kept it a bit elegant. Dream Of You is an amazing song and definitely a dance-pop banger.


Track 7: Bother Me

Onto one of my other favorite songs on the album, Bother Me. I love the instrumental so much and the electronic dance elements to it. I also love how they distort Chungha’s voice a little for this song, because it fits perfectly with this electronic song. It makes it even more interesting. My favorite part is definitely the pre-chorus and chorus. The chorus is so addicting and has a magical spark to it. It is a great song that is a bit whimsical, and overall beautiful.


Track 8: Chill

Again another one of my favorite songs, Chill feels so youthful and a bit nostalgic. It makes me reminiscence on memories that I don’t have. The instrumental and vocals are gorgeous, and I love how in the background there is this echo effect where it sounds like a lot of people. It makes it feel like a celebration with all the people you love. My favorite part is the ending because it is full of emotion, and it is a happy song that makes you feel good. I am obsessed with this song, and I will be playing it 24/7 for the next month or two.


Track 9: Play Ft. Changmo

Another festive and Latin inspired song, Play is super fun and exciting. It feels like a summer celebration. It is a fast-paced song that is quite explosive. Then we have Changmo verse that is amazing. Actually his verse is my favorite part of the song. I love what he did in this track in the short time that he had, and I kind of wish he was in the song more. Overall, this is a fun song and I really like it.


Track 10: Demente Ft. Guaynaa

First I have to say...Trilingual Queen! She can sing Korean, English, and now Spanish? The talent she has is out of this world. I love how she expanded and tried out a Spanish song. It really shows how she is very interested in reaching people all over the world, and I love how she challenged herself a bit for this song. Demente is such a chill and catchy song. I also love this collab. It is probably my favorite collab Chungha ever did. Guaynaa and Chungha play off so well of each other, and they have such good chemistry on this song. It also feels really balanced because we don’t get too little or too much of Guaynaa, just enough. I love this song. It is catchy, a bit hypnotic, and a fun yet chill song.


Track 11: Lemon Ft. Colde

Lemon is a relaxing and sweet song. It is a cute song that is a bit sugary and has lots of flirtation in it. I love Chungha vocals on this song. It is a bit more delicate in this song and full of saccharine. Then I love Colde on this track. He pairs so well with Chungha and I love his part. My favorite part of this song is Colde’s verse and the chorus. It is a sweet song that just makes you feel good, and I really like it.


Track 12: Byulharang (160504 + 170607)

Wow, I am in love with this song. First I love the title alone. 160504 is IOI debut date, the temporary produce group she was in, and 170607 is her solo debut. Then Byulharang is her fandom name, so this song feels so special and must be close to her heart. It is a beautiful and personal song title, and the song feels so sincere. It is an emotional track that also showcases Chungha’s vocals. Her voice is so sweet yet powerful, and this song feels so sweet yet powerful. It is a gorgeous song that puts me in a trance and takes me to cloud nine. It is fantastic, personable, and overally beautiful.


Track 13: X

X is another personable song that has R&B flavor to it. The instrumental is intense and a bit dark, yet it is an elegant song. It feels a bit bittersweet too and has a nostalgic feel to it. It is also quite empowering because this song is about someone that left her when she needed them the most but overcoming the challenges on her own. X is hauntingly addictive and has a complexity to it that makes it so impactful. My favorite line is “You should’ve loved me at my worst, Now you just watch me on your TV screen.” and it hits so hard. That line is so powerful and shows how Chungha made it and is a strong person on her own. I love this song so much, and it is impeccable.


Track 14: All Night Long

All Night Long is a beautiful song. It is an emotional track with a haunting chorus. It is a good song, but there isn’t much else to say about it. I like it a lot, and the ending is amazing, but that is all I have to say about it.


Track 15: Everybody Has

I believe this song is the only full Korean song in the album. Like there is not a single English word here, and I kind of like that because it feels like a pure Korean song if that makes sense.

It is an enchanting song as well, but like All Night Long, there isn’t much to say about this song. It is beautiful, but that’s it.


Track 16: Come N Goes

Come N Goes is a bittersweet ending to this incredible album. It feels like a song where you refuse to say goodbye, and instead, say “See you later.” It also sounds more like an OST to a teen drama and summer is about to end. Come N Goes is a great song that feels nostalgic, sentimental, and is overall a beautiful ending.


Querencia is an amazing album that shows many sides of Chungha. We get to see her badass side, her sentimental side, her playful and cheery side, and sexy side. We also get to her a variety of genres and languages in this album, showcasing her versatility. Querencia is an amazing album and was definitely worth the long wait.

Querencia - 9/10

Song Ranking:

1 - Chill

2 - Bother Me

3 - Flying On Faith

4 - Stay Tonight

5 - X

6 - Demente Ft. Guaynaa

7 - Byulharang (160504 + 170607)

8 - Bicycle

9 - Play Ft. Changmo

10 - Lemon Ft. Colde

11 - Dream Of You with R3HAB

12 - Comes N Goes

13 - Masquerade

14 - All Night Long

15 - Everybody Has

16 - Luce Sicut Stellae

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