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Breathless Song Lyrics - Shankar Mahadevan

by Md Fahad Alam 11 days ago in 90s music · updated 3 days ago

Breathless Song Lyrics given by Javed Akhtar is a superhit Hindi song sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The song has been released under the label of Saregama GenY.

Breathless Lyrics is a beautiful love song composed by Shankar Mahadevan and Javed Akhtar and sung by talented Indian singer Shankar Mahadevan, who gave several beautiful songs.

Shankar Mahadevan, born in Chennai, is an Indian playback singer who works in the Tamil film industry. He won the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for his rendition of "Poongatru" from the film Kaadhalan.

Breathless Lyrics features the finest music with the combination of lyrics connected to each other. Breathless is one of the amazing songs sung by Shankar Mahadevan where you can find some resemblances of Agadu Summaname from Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya Song By Vineeth Sreenivasan.

Breathless Lyrics

Koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha

Jaise meri saari duniya main geeton ki rut

Aur rangon ki barkha hai khushbu ki aandhi hai

Mehki hui si ab saari fizaayen hain

Behki hui si ab saari hawaayen hain

Khoyi hui si ab saari dishaayen hain

Badli hui se ab saari adaayen hain

Jaagi ummengein hain, dhadak raha ahi dil

Sanson main toofaan hain, hoton pe nagme hain

Aakhon main sapne hain, sapnon main beete hue

Saare vo lamhe hain

Jab koi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha

Dil main samaya tha, kaise main bataun tumhe

Kaise use paaya tha, pyaar ke chehre pe bikhri jo julphen

To aisa lagta tha jaise kohre ke peechhe

Ek os main dhula hua phool khila hai jaise

Badal main ik chaand chhupa hai

Aur jhaank raha hai jaise raat ke parde main

Ek savera hai roshan roshan aakhon main

Sapnon ka saagar jismain prem sitaron ki chaadar

Jaise jhalak rahi hai

Lahron lahron baat kare to jaise moti barse

Jaise kahin chandi ki payal goonjey

Jaise kahin sheeshe ke jaam girey

Aur chhann se tootey jaise koi chhip ke sitaar bajaye

Jaise koi chaandni raat main gaye

Jaise koi hole se paas bulaye

Kaisi meethi baatain thee vo

Kaisi mulakaatein thee vo

Jab maine jaana tha

Nazron se kaise pighalte hain dil

Aur aarzoo paati hai kaise manzil

Aur kaise utarta hai chaand jameen par

Kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai

To bas hai yahin par

Usne bulaya mujhe, aur samjhaya mujhe

Hum jo mile hain, hamain aise hi milna tha

Gul jo khile hain, unhe aise hi khilna tha

Janmo ke bandhan, janmo ke rishtey hain

Jab bhi hum janme to hum yuhin milte hain

Kaanon main mere jaise, shahed sa ghulne lage

Khwaabon ke dar jaise aakhon main khulne lage

Khwaabon ki duniya bhi kitni haseen aur

Kaisi rangeen thee khwaabon ki duniya

Jo kahne ko thee par kahin bhi nahi thee

Khwaab jo toote mere, aakh jo khuli meri

Hosh jo aaya mujhe

Maine dekha maine jaana

Vo jo kabhi aaya tha, nazron pe chhaya tha

Dil main samaya tha, ja bhi chuka hai

Aur dil mera hai ab tanha tanha

Na to koi armaan hai, na koi tamanna hai

Aur na koi sapna hai

Ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri ratain hain

Unmein sirf aansoon hain

Unmein sirf dard ki ranj ki batain hain

Aur pharyaadein hain

Mera ab bhi koi nahi main hoon

Aur khoye hue pyaar ki yaadein hain


Breathless Lyrics Translation (Meaning) in English

I used to think that someone I met

Like the root of songs in my whole world

And there is a rain of colours, there is a storm of fragrance

Mehki hui si now all the food is there

All the winds are drifting now

All directions are now lost

It's cloudy now

There are awakenings, the heart is beating

There are storms in the breath

There are dreams in my eyes, dreams are past me

all those moments

When someone came, there was a shadow in the eyes

Heart, I was time, how can I tell you

How was the use found, the flowers that were scattered on the face of love

So it was as if behind the fog

Like a dusted flower blooming in an os

There's a moon hidden in the clouds

And peeping like I'm on the screen of the night

There is a morning in the light of light.

Ocean of dreams in which love is a sheet of stars as seen

Let the waves of Lahore talk like pearls rained

Like the silver anklet echoed somewhere

like some glass jams fell

And broken with a sieve-like someone playing the strings of a chip

Like some moonlit night, I went

Like someone calling near from the hole

What sweet things do you say

How does he meet you

When I had to go

How the heart is melted by the eyes

And what kind of destination is Arju's husband?

And how does the moon land on the ground?

How does heaven ever feel

So it's just this angel

He called me and compromised me

We met what we met

The flowers that have bloomed, were to bloom like this

People's bonds are people's relationships

Whenever we go, we meet the same

Like me, dissolve into the laws like a martyr

Like the fear of dreams will open in the eyes

The world of dreams is also so beautiful and

What colour do you want the world of dreams to be?

You have nowhere to say what you

The dream that broke me, the eyes that opened my

What came to my senses

I see I go

The one who ever came was a shadow in his eyes

My heart was time, it's already gone

And my heart is now lonely

No desire, no desire

No more dreams

Now that's my days and now that's my nights

They only have tears

They are only in the range of pain

There are more complaints

I am still no one

And lost memories of love


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