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Bizzy Bone is right Bone Thugs N Harmony should get 300 million dollars

by The Sinister Pen 5 months ago in rap

Give Bone Thugs N Harmony their flowers

Bizzy Bone in the music video for Fake Love off his album The Mantra

Bizzy Bone has recently said that Bone Thugs N Harmony should get 300 million dollars as their flowers. And I even though some people did not agree. I am 100 percent in agreement with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony.

One reason I can say Bone Thugs N Harmony are worth 300 million dollars is that they truly touched and changed the world Besides selling millions of records and getting 100s of millions of streams online they are still putting out great solo record to this day. One top of the they are worth 300 million dollars just because of the great song Tha Crossroads alone. I mean this song touched and helped so many people get through hard times in their lives. If it was not for this song I do not know what I would have done when I lost loved ones at a young age. Tha Crossroads still continues to touch and help many souls deal with the sadness of death in this world.

Yet another reason Bone Thugs N Harmony are worth 300 million dollars is that they have many hit albums and hit songs that are still being played today and still loved till this day.

Now even though it was not clear what Bone Thugs N Harmony would be paid 300 million dollars for. Many fans have suspected that it is for selling their masters. I think it could be for a new record and or record deal that would give them this much money, or a combination of this and selling their masters. But overall I do think that they deserve 300 million dollars.

The fact that Bone Thugs N Harmony changed and influenced and changed the rap game forever is enough for them to deserve 300 million dollars. I mean how does everyone rap these days? They all rap fast and sing and harmonize. Every wanted to and still wants to be Bone and that has not changed in 3 decades. I think people need to stop being greedy and give Bone Thugs N Harmony their flowers. Like Bizzy Bone said the flowers are 300 million dollars. And in all honesty this is not enough. As the great Flesh N Bone once stated “It’s a billion dollar industry, Bone Thugs N Harmony alone.”

Now let’s get to the most important reason Bone Thugs N Harmony deserve 300 million dollars. Let’s just be honest they are the greatest rap group of all time. They simply are the best and do deserve to be recognized as the best of all time right now.

I really do hope Bone Thugs N Harmony get their flowers 300 million dollars. They truly hard changed the world is a wonderful way that no other artist has ever been able to do. We the fans back them and know what they are really worth. A lot of nay Sayers just do not understand how big of an impact Bone Thugs N Harmony made on this world.

Yet another song that is one of the best songs of all time by Bone Thugs N Harmony is Days of our lives. They truly showed the most magical and complex harmonies of all time in this song. Never has this style of singing mixed with rap been able to be copied. Bone Thugs N Harmony are eternal and truly do deserve to get their flowers. There will never be another Bone Thugs N Harmony, and their music will live on forever. We do need to see them get their flowers. Because we only got till the end of time to change the world.


The Sinister Pen

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The Sinister Pen
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