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Best Goth Bands with Female Singers

A list of the best goth bands with female singers, from a genderless goth's perspective.

By Skunk UzekiPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Goth music has always involved hard beats, innovative electro-synth influences, and pretty dark lyrics. However, one thing that most goth music doesn't have is female vocals. For reasons beyond understanding, most goth bands don't really have female singers — or female bandmates.

It's a shame since much of goth culture tends to celebrate women and femininity. Though men tend to dominate the music scene in goth clubs, there are a few bands with female singers out there worth listening to. Here's my list of the best goth bands with female singers, as a longtime goth.

No list of the best goth bands with female singers would be complete without an entry about Siouxsie and the Banshees. Siouxsie Sioux had an amazing voice, the ability to channel that perfect 80s attitude into her songs, and also managed to slay when it came to her eye makeup.

To a point, she was the one who really helped mold goth style into the iconic look it's been known for the past 30 years. She's famous for making goth music mainstream and for just being able to create incredible music.

Though she herself distanced the band from the goth movement, not calling her goth would be a boldfaced lie. Her gothy influences can be seen in bands like Massive Attack, The Cure, and LCD Soundsystem and we're thankful for that.

Another classic goth band that people might recognize is Concrete Blonde, spearheaded by female vocalist Johnette Napolitano. Her gravelly, bluesy, and strikingly powerful voice was what made the band rise to fame thanks to their hit song, "Bloodletting" in 1990.

Many people credit "Bloodletting" for the rise of vampire culture in the goth scene, and call Napolitano one of the best female vocalists to have ever graced the goth scene.

Her style, her voice, and her stage presence are impeccable. As a result, we have to say that Concrete Blonde is one of the best goth bands with female singers as part of their crew.

The Birthday Massacre might be one of the newest goth bands on this list, but that doesn't mean they're not one of the best goth bands with female singers to get signed by a major label.

The Birthday Massacre is known for having dark lyrics, stylish band members, strong guitar riffs, and of course, a surprisingly haunting and high pitched vocalist by the name of Chibi.

Their songs are addictive, and the fact that their anime girl singer can make music that can be so creepy yet catchy makes them all the more impressive. Chibi rocks and The Birthday Massacre's a perfect vessel for her talented vocals.

Switchblade Symphony is one of the few bands out there that has gone from goth to mainstream — all the while keeping underground fans loving every new release they make. Much of their success comes from their hard rock riffs, the pulse-pounding rhythms, and their outstanding female vocalist, Tina Root.

Tina Root is known for her strong goth vocals, her ability to bring out the darker, metal side of goth, and of course, the fact that she makes scary look good. A brilliant showwoman and excellent chanteuse, her creativity shines through and brings a soulful edge to any song she takes on.

Though Root has now gone solo under the name of Tre Luxe, her older work with Switchblade Symphony is what many cite as one of the best goth bands with female vocals of recent years.

On the more industrial side of goth music is Kidneythieves, a band known for dance worthy beats, rough vocals, and a certain dystopian vibe that is hard to really replicate.

If you love smooth vocals, cyberpunk beats, with a slight drum and bass snare, you'll enjoy Kidneythieves. Kidneythieves has the vibe of a very good action movie where you're the star, and you're in the middle of The Matrix.

It's hard to get that kind of ambiance in music. That's why some industrial fans and metal fans might even go so far as to say certain songs, such as "Zerospace," might make them one of the best goth bands with female singers that toe the line of industrial music.

Lords of Acid is one of the most common staples in any goth club, and that's a great thing to be able to say about any band. Considering the popularity of Lords of Acid, it's easy to see why they're considered to be one of the best goth bands with female singers.

Lady Galore, who's the lead singer of Lords of Acid, has insanely good, highly sexual stage personality — and that meshes perfectly with the drippy-yet-spooky beats that the band is known for.

Fans who love spooky, catchy and sexy music will love Lords of Acid if you haven't heard their music yet.

Jessicka Addams is the lead singer of Jack Off Jill, a band infamously known for being snarky about sexuality in most of their music. The band's awesome guitar, the subtle and juicy synth, and the awesome vocal stylings make Jack Off Jill one of the best goth bands with female singers in the early 00s.

A fun fact about Jack Off Jill you might not know is that their hit single, "My Cat," was actually about Jessicka Addams' ex, Twiggy Ramirez — a bass player for Marylin Manson.


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