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by Ann Marie Harkins 8 months ago in playlist
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Halloween Vibes Playlist

Beats & Freaks
Photo by Sabina Music Rich on Unsplash

Halloween is the most thrilling, and my personal favorite, holiday of the year. Tis’ the season to let your freak flag fly. A season, where it’s completely acceptable to enjoy spooky movies, laugh in the face of fear, embody a deadly creature, and snack on everything pumpkin.

Musically speaking, Halloween themed music is less popular than it’s holiday sister, Christmas. However, there are still plenty of haunting tracks to add to your party playlist. I’ve curated a track set that will put a little jiggy in your pirate boots, along with raising those little hairs on the back of your neck with perfect posture.

Instead of highlighting the popular, but corny classics everyone knows and loves, I decided to give a modern take on these terrifying jams to play at your next costume party. It has everything from disturbed dubstep, to chilling pop and haunted rock. The playlist can be found on Spotify and features iconic songs like: Superstition by Stevie Wonder; Thriller by Michael Jackson; and Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell. Then I mixed in novel tunes that transform this playlist into a must-have party set. Songs that are less obvious pieces about goons and goblins, but instead describe those creepy crawling thoughts, feelings, or senses, perhaps difficult to describe, but we no doubt feel. Here’s a few that deserve a special spotlight.

In a fierce production, Billie Eilish reigns at the top of my highlight list with her haunting single “Bury a Friend”. Her soft vocals transition from lullaby-like melodies into a mutation of screeching sounds. There is a dark pulsing beat intertwined with emotionally rich and eerie lyrics that speak from the perspective of a monster under her bed. The song tells a story, despite lacking a firm chorus, the theme is understood. Eilish writes existential questions that deal with death and perhaps her own personal demons. The music video further depicts her torment and struggle with said monster. It is a relatable and catchy song that will send shivers to your bone.

I wouldn’t be satisfied if Rihanna didn’t make the cut. Her unapologetic track “Disturbia” jumps from the speakers with sounds of literal insanity. Lyrically dark with undertones of haunting screams and a twitching beat, have you questioning your psychological stability. She speaks of paranoia that invades the psyche and what might be creeping in the night. Our deranged and psychotic artist almost embraces the madness in her music video. Take a look!

There’s no debate on this song’s worthiness on my playlist spotlight.

An up and coming artist, Las Vegas local - Cam Calloway, casts a spell on listeners with his mystic single “Supernatural”. The ticking of a clock, the static in a stereo, a villainous laugh and a riff of melancholy start this track. Then, Cam’s soulful voice paired with a funky beat floods your listening space. An eerie motown vibe, Calloway accurately personifies the unexplainable bumps in the night, with emotional and physical manifestations. Mid-song, the artist incorporates a short skat from the song “I put a spell on you”, giving the song a familiar comfort. This bluesy original was vital for my Halloween Party playlist.

Another lyrically dark track that takes the stage on this playlist is “Freak” by Sub Urban and REI AMI. A sinister melody that is reminiscent of tunes from your local circus mixed with lyrics of a freaky romance, deserving a highlight on my featured list. Concluding the noteworthy list, is a surprising number with poetic lyrics, although lacking Halloween tones. However, with an unforgettable voice, Lauren O’Connell covers “House of the Rising Sun” , never failing to curl your bones with wicked drafts and devious tones.

There’s atmospheric sounds, bops with outrageous danceability, and spooky sound for chilling effects and it nails the Halloween vibe. However, something to love about this playlist, is that it doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy. The full playlist can be found here:

I hope you enjoy it!


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