Awakening the Water Dragon

by Frank Sartain 3 months ago in literature

Disturbances of the Water Dragon - Ripples in the Water

In a small, but popular town, there was a local lake visited by many. Within this dark blue lake lived a dragon of water which has been in a deep slumber for many years. The dragon also had dark blue skin and did not want to be disturbed. People from all over the world have wandered through the park where the dragon lives. The park contains green grass, colorful flowers, one sidewalk for both joggers and runners, and large trees which visitors could have picnics under. At the lake, there are warning signs stating not to throw items into it. These cautionary signs were established to prevent the reawakening of the water dragon following the past incident.

When the dragon was first disturbed by a traveler, it angrily emerged and created chaos in the city. The water dragon used its watery breath to destroy buildings and homes alike. After the dragon was scared away, it returned to its home deep down in the lake. The residents of the town had worked for years to repair the damage caused by the disturbed water dragon. The person who caused the incident was asked to leave the town immediately.

The dragon wasn’t heard from again until several years after the first attack. Two visitors of its city decided to have a personal contest involving the lake. Both travelers wanted to determine who could skip a small rock the furthest across the lake. They agreed that whoever threw their rock the shortest would buy dinner for the other.

After minutes of skipping rocks, the dragon began to slowly emerge from underneath the water. Both the water dragon and the two travelers briefly stared at each other. The water dragon looked angry and the travelers appeared frightened. The dragon roared loudly at the visitors, who immediately began running. While they were fleeing, the dragon became airborne and started breathing overwhelming amounts of water towards the surrounding buildings. Nearby pedestrians also began running away from the dragon, and vehicles steered away from it. Corporate offices and other large buildings were destroyed due to the heavy water damaged delivered by the dragon.

Before long, the town’s first responders confronted the dragon. Each individual held electrical powered guns that contained a long range. They held up their weapons, pointed them at the dragon, and opened fire. Using the same tactics as years before, they managed to scare the water dragon back into its lake within minutes.

After this attack from the dragon, the overall amount of damage was greater than the first time. There were countless buildings destroyed, unoccupied vehicles flipped upside down, and many homes that were devastated with water damage. As the available citizens and travelers present in the city began working to repair the damage caused by the incident, there was a lot of disappointment and despair because of what had happened. Jobs were lost, and many of the town’s citizens had to relocate elsewhere for work. The approximate amount of time to clean the city was unknown.

The park that the citizens and travelers once knew was no longer seen in the same perspective. The trees and flowers that helped make the park beautiful were no longer there. The water the dragon dispersed was so massive that it destroyed these features. All that remained was the sidewalk, the grass, and the lake. The sidewalk and grass were drenched in water. Those who worked to repair the damage planted new seeds in the ground to grow, but the seeds will take numerous years to grow into what the people were used to seeing. The two individuals who had caused the dragon to come up from above the lake were forced to leave the city.

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