Anxiety songs to relate to

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The remedy of songs for stress

Anxiety songs to relate to

When the mind races without a way to explain to others in a feeling of wanting to fend of the demons by ourselves, this is a selection of songs that have gotten me through those times to find peace. Even if you aren't having an anxiety episode now, these five songs could be able to help in the moment that it happens and you need something to calm the nerves.

1. Ilomilo by Billie Eilish

"Where did you go?,I should know, but it's cold,And I don't wanna be lonely,So show me the way home,I can't lose another life"

We have those moments where we want to reach out to someone that we worry about, the anxiety over someone else dear to us worrying what will happen if we lose them. It's an anthem of that plea to someone that may be lost to us. It's a haunting song about the strain of a relationship we want to keep if it's still there or already lost. Even it is a lie, it'll help some some of the pain despite the lie.

2. Afraid by The Neighborhood

"Being me can only mean,Feeling scared to breathe,If you leave me then I'll be afraid of everything,That makes me anxious, gives me patience, calms me down,Lets me face this, let me sleep, and when I wake up,Let me breathe"

I've never heard of a song like this that accurately depicts those feelings during depression and anxiety, a fight with ourselves. It's about that fear when depression turns us into someone else we hate. As if depression takes over and the real person is asleep, hiding inside. It showcases all of those feelings we get: feeling scared of who we are, accidentally becoming someone else and lashing out to become a person we didn't want to be. The song comes from the viewpoint of the singer, as well as what he believes people think of him. It's hard not to think of what interpretations others think of us. The music video for this song hits home of an artistic description, the singer of the band sits naked by himself, showing the idea of how exposed we can feel when depression and anxiety hit. I used to play this song over and over during the dark times I went through. Just something to listen to when times hit hard.

3. Mercy by Hurts

"Leave me in Chains,Strip me of shame,Caress me with pain,Cos I'm down on my knees,And I'm begging you please as you say"

We want these feelings to stop, we want someone to stay. Hurts always has a poetic way of expressing a plea or a pain in songs like, "Stay", "Somebody to Die For", or "Devotion" to name a few. Mercy has that essence of a hard truth to relate on how it feels to be in pain.

4. Jumpsuit by twenty one pilots

"I can't believe how much I hate,Pressures of a new place roll my way,Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me"

This song can interpreted in any stage of anxiety, as imperfect people, we try to stay positive the best we can. But these moments of anxiety make things clear to how we feel about someone, we can't like everyone even though we hide it away under a mask. Those restrained feelings of what event happened or what happened with someone. We hide away, constricted to these feelings. It's a song that en-captures that feeling of confided to that anxiety.

5. Happy Days by Brooke Candy

"We got problems,We got pain,We got issues,We're insane,We got stacks of bills to pay,It's getting darker every day"

This song almost feels like a raw and relatable version of "Livin' On A Prayer" Times are hard on everyone, and there is a remedy that some have to rely on to get through those times. "six pack of freedom" and "pills to stay up, pills to sleep" are examples of exactly what Brooke means in ways to remedy from hard times. It's a raw song that does show what people do to have to cope. The music video shows Brooke in a child-like outfit, then a couple glamorous outfits to show what she wants to be but she can't.

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