All-In Moment, Your New Favorite Band

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All-In Moment, Your New Favorite Band

Learn a little bit about the Staten Island based band, All-In Moment!

Amanda Gabrielle: How did you each start out in music?

Chris Scott: My mother is a professional singer, my dad is a drummer, and my sister and I were raised on Beatles music and Disney movies. Music has always been a vital part of my life. I played the Alto Saxophone from fourth grand until Senior year in high school. So I learned some music theory throughout all of the symphonic bands, jazz bands, and marching bands that I've been a part of. But honestly, singing in the shower and during my car rides have been a major key.

Daniel Luczak: I started playing Rock Band on Playstation with my friends in high school.

Dave Cohen: I started out taking piano lessons young, but lost interest. I was into rap until I played Guitar Hero 2, and fell in love with rock music. I got tired playing the game, so I taught myself how to read tabs and started to pick up playing different riffs. It wasn't until guitar ensemble in high school that I really learned what I was doing.

Luke Lewis: I grew up listening to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer. Then I discovered Tool, and after hearing Schism I asked my parents to sign me up for bass lessons and I’ve been playing since I was 14.

What makes you guys work so well together as a band?

Scott: Dave has been one of my best friends for years now. I was Dan's Educator in the fraternity when he was a candidate. Dan is actually Dave's fraternity little brother. So, the three of us have always had that bond. Luke came into the band fired up to contribute years ago, and he's honestly been a pleasure to work with and be with. He's the youngest out of all of us, so he's like our little brother. The four of us are brothers. We fight like brothers and we joke like brothers.

Luczak: Ehh, "well" is a relative word.

Cohen: We work well together, because we all have different influences and ideas. Keeps us from sounding the same all the time.

Lewis: We all have similar tastes in music. Chris, Dave and I tend to write songs in similar fashions. Dan has an entirely different take on metal. He listens to all metal sub genres and his input during the songwriting process can make the chemistry between us interesting.

How would you describe your music?

Scott: We're a solid DIY hybrid metal and alternative rock band that's heavily influenced by classic metal and 90s alternative. This is because while many bands are incorporating electronic or computerized music into their tracks, we literally play or sing 99 percent of the sounds you hear on our music projects.

Luczak: Soft rock with a hint of metal.

Cohen: I'd describe our music as modern rock with large dosages of modern metal. A little bit of 80s metal with a vocal approach to the likes of Billy Joel and Rise Against.

Lewis: I'd say we’re a hard rock/alternative metal band. A well balanced mixture of those two.

What makes your band unique from other bands?

Scott: No other band has our minds. This has been our brainchild and no one else's.

Luczak: Our widely different musical tastes.

Cohen: We are unique, because I feel none of our songs sound the same, plus I think it also appeals to people not generally into rock / metal. I think there's something in the music that any type of listener can enjoy. We use our vastly different influences to inspire our sound, all the way from 80s thrash, passing through modern metal, taking a few pit stops at pop punk, classic rock, and the British wave.

Lewis: I like the variety of material we write. I think what makes us unique is you don’t know how our songs will sound after hearing one or two of them.

What would be your dream venue to play?

Scott: Mars. How many bands have played there? Someone get me in touch with Elon Musk. Realistically, MSG.

Luczak: Starland Ballroom babyyyy.

Cohen: My dream venue would have to be Rock am Ring. Have you seen that crowd? It's massive! Couldn't imagine playing to that many people. It would be surreal.

Lewis: Madison Square Garden.

Where would be your dream place to tour?

Scott: Europe. They go wild for our kind of music.

Luczak: Europe would be NUTS!

Cohen: I'd love to tour in Japan. Crazy metal scene out there, and I'd love to be a part of that culture for a little bit.

Lewis: Europe.

Who would be your dream artist to open for?

Scott: Linkin Park.

Luczak: Avenged Sevenfold.

Cohen: It'd be a dream to open for Metallica. I have a few favorite bands, but to open for the band that's been on the top for decades would be an honor.

Lewis: That’s a tough one, probably for any of the bands I just mentioned.

What is your process in writing music?

Scott: One of us will have an idea for a guitar riff, or a bassline, a drum fill, or a melody. Normally, we pocket these ideas until we think we can use them. We're at our best when Dan, Dave, and Luke just jam until they play something as a unit we all like. After trial and error, once the music part is done, I will figure out how the song makes me feel. Then, I'll write lyrics around it, and figure out the melody with the help of everyone. Edits are made by all members and we operate like a mini democracy. But Dan and Dave clearly have the most intense style clash. Once they agree on something, we are normally able to move forward.

Luczak: Me, Dave, and Luke make the instrumentals, and then Chris comes up with melodies and lyrics at the end.

Cohen: When writing, we generally start with an idea—usually a guitar riff, maybe a drum pattern or bass line. We jam on it as a group and see what it turns into. It's a great way to make sure all of us have a good say over all the music, and keep everyone happy.

Lewis: Usually Dave, Dan, and I write the instrumentals first, so Chris can have a solid canvas to create the lyrics.

Is there anything you would want your fans to know about you?

Scott: We love you and are so thankful you took the time to listen to us. You all play a vital role in this dream. Thank you! I want our music to help motivate people to chase their dreams and power through any form of adversity. If it helps one person, it was all worth it.

Luczak: There's more to me than meets the eye 😏

Cohen: Anything to know about us? We're just four guys that love to create music we ourselves want to hear, and hopefully so does everyone else. We love playing live, seeing people enjoy music that we put so much time into creating and are proud of it. When people come up to us and mention they liked stuff, it gets me emotional, because I put myself into what I write, so to say they liked it gives me a sense of validation in a way. If people are happy listening to it, i'm happy.

Lewis: If anyone wants to have a few drinks with me, it has to be Guinness or Sam Adams. LOL.

What can we expect from All-In Moment in the future?

Scott: More music and more shows. We're only getting started.

Luczak: Some heavy shenanigans along with (hopefully) some nice EDM sprinkled here and there.

Cohen: You can expect "All-In Moment" to continue to bust our asses. We're gonna be out there, writing and playing shows. We feel confident we have something here that people will not only like, but music people can relate to. Music is all about emotion. Sometimes, I get really emotional about my music. We all know that feeling when either that song or part comes on, and you have to stop what you're doing to listen. If I can help someone find that feeling, one that I cherish, then I know I've made a difference.

Lewis: Our second album is in the making. Hard to say roughly when it will be released, but expect more bass this time around!

Amanda Gabrielle
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