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Alexa DECOHERENCE Album Review

by Shinx 11 months ago in album reviews
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Alexa comeback review

Alexa has brought in this cyber-punk world into the kpop scene, and I've been fascinated by her ever since her debut Bomb. From the concept to her confidence, I really have been falling in love with Alexa. Now she has released DECOHERENCE and let's just get right into it.

(To clarify I'm only going to review the first five tracks since the last two tracks are just instrumentals of Villain and Revolution.)

Track 1: Villain

First I have to say what a strong opening to this album. It's so powerful and feels like a punch to the gut when the beat drops. It's also a great pre-single for her comeback because it really shows how much she improved and her charisma is felt through the track. Also the part where it sounds like "Sorry not sorry, I'm a bad bitch"...I'M OBSSESED WITH THAT PART! Definitly my favorite part in the song. I really love this song, and the performancs for it are amazing. The only thing bad I can say is that like her other previous songs it's not really vocal heavy in the chorus, but I didn't mind it much because this song is obviously meant for an astounding performance and just a little taste to the comeback. Overall, it's a great opener.


Track 2: Burn Out

After that powerful opening, the next track is Burn out. The verses are strong, but I feel like the chorus lacks for me. It's kind of a weak chorus. The song as a whole is nice and is also full of confidence, but it's not really memorable for me. To me it feels like a lower quality of Villain. I do though enjoy the verses way more than the chorus. Especially the first verse becuase it's a bit sultry and cool. Overall I find this song ok.


Track 3: Revolution

Now it's time to talk about the title track....aka her best song to date.What a banger! First of all the opening is so grand and epic, it really immerses you into the song. Then the prechorus is so pretty and soft, but then the chorus hits you in the face. Her vocals shine so much and I love how it's very vocal heavy. Then her rap part? Yep she's an allrounder! The rap portion is so addicting and fun. Then after the second chorus it extends it's instrumental and it adds much punch into the song. Then with the last chorus it extends the instrumental again, but this time Alexa voice is on top of it and we get more lyrics, and it's such an exciting song. This is my favorite song by her so far and it's such an improvement from all her previous title tracks. She did amazing!


Track 4: Moon And Back

After the powerful explosion of songs, Alexa gives us a beautiful ballad song full of emotion. Her vocals are so pretty and I'm so glad she showcased her voice. I feel like Alexa is more known for her dancing, so it's great she gave us a song that's very vocal focused. Also I'm kind of a sucker for softer songs like Moon And Back so it made me really happy. As the song progresses, it get better and better, and feels like a warm hug. This is defininetly my favorite song on the mini album and wow I want to cry because of how beautiful it is.


Track 5: Revolution (English Version).

Now last song is the english version of Revolution. The english version doesn't add much to the original, and the rap part is kind of cringy. Other than that she's cute. she's nice. she's alright.


Overall, I enjoyed this mini album. I feel like Alexa improved so much and gave us more vocals, powerful rap portions, and stronger dances, and it makes me excited to see her future projects.


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did consider checking out some of my other stuff like my Loona review. Also every read and tip I receive is greatly appreciated! Hope you're having a good day, and if not I hope it get's better.


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