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Album Review: 'Superorganism'

by cc 4 years ago in album reviews

The Band's Self-Titled Debut Album

A picture from an acoustic set the band did in Scranton, Pennsylvania

If one listens to alternative music, they may be familiar with the quirky, eight membered, whale-obsessed band Superorganism. They recently released their debut album, which features songs that were made popular online such as “Everybody Wants to be Famous” and “Something for Your M.I.N.D.” It gives the listener the feeling as if they are on a thrill ride through the digital world.

The album on vinyl, along with the album cover

Because it helps them to create their unique music and visually perplexing (and amusing) music videos, the band has come to embrace the online universe rather than criticize it for its flaws. I personally love the sound of the album, which has cover art by the group’s singer Orono. Without further ado, here is my review of the album, including the songs I think everyone needs to hear in order of my preference.

This song is one of the most interesting on the album. The cash register sounds and layers of singing and noise make a mess that’s pleasing to listen to. In this song that will be stuck in anyone’s head all day, Superorganism has mastered the art of blissful confusion.

The first track on side B of the vinyl, “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” is stupendously catchy. The plague was catchy, yes. But this isn’t like the plague. This song is catchy in a good way. The quirky lyrics that make some sense, but at the same time no sense, make the listener feel like waving their arms in sync with the music and yelling “SOMETHING FOR YOUR—MIND!” which is pretty much the whole chorus. Superorganism did a super job on this one.

The first track of the album starts off in a peculiar way. Do not let it deter you from the amazing song that comes after, though. If anything, the mysterious voice that greets Orono at the beginning adds to the charm of the song. The song itself gives the listener an audio interpretation of what it’s like to deny a problem until you break out in tears because of it. It sounds almost like a nursery rhyme that explodes in the chorus. The song features a palette of seemingly random sounds, including: laughing children, alarm clocks, Korean speech, and more that give the listener an added experience. When one thinks about the quixotic background noise it all makes sense, somehow. All of Superorganism’s songs include samples like these. I personally love this song!!

The last song being reviewed—and my favorite—is “SPRORGSM.” Even though it looks like it’s called super, well, something else, the song is really good. It’s almost like the band’s theme song. The song starts off in a dinky YouTube dollar store piano cover sounding way, and quickly ramps up to its full euphonious rhythm. It also explains what a superorganism actually is!! The song’s overall sound and beat makes it my favorite.

Overall, I give the album 7 out of 10 stars. Some songs are really chaotic, but Superorganism’s target audience appreciates it (more than their parents do!). Everyone should give the album a listen. Superorganism’s website can be found below here:

Leave a message for the band, get your hands on their music, or just enjoy the whales!!

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