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A Spotify Playlist to Make You Feel Like the Main Character

by Sleepy Drafts about a year ago in playlist · updated 3 months ago
Second Place in Zen Playlist ChallengeSecond Place in Zen Playlist Challenge

A Zen Playlist to Bring Magic to the Mundane

A Spotify Playlist to Make You Feel Like the Main Character
Photo by ORNELLA BINNI on Unsplash

The air smells like serotonin.

The sky is a beaming blue, and the sun's warmth finally outweighs the winter's cold. My sneakers are ready to replace my clunky, winter boots, and the camera on my iPhone is itching for some breezy, springtime photos.

After a year of lockdowns, and more than a winter's worth of hibernation, I've found myself missing the little doses of magic in everyday life. I've missed feeling like the main character in my own story.

So, I decided to give myself a soundtrack.

(Dreamin by 53 Thieves)

Have you ever tried to watch a sitcom without its laugh track? It's a weird experience - suddenly, none of the jokes are funny. Instead, the whole thing seems awkward and forced.

When the soundtrack is removed, cinema feels like less of an immersive experience, and more as if we are watching actors do a job on set.

I didn't want to feel like an actor mechanically going through the motions of my life, anymore.

I wanted to be immersed in the poetry of my life.

(iFeel by (((o))) and FKJ)

So, I popped in my earbuds and went for a neighborhood stroll as the main character.

I imagined that I was in a cutaway scene of some Indie film, or that maybe I was the protagonist of an anime. I imagined how this moment would look if I were to put it in a vlog, or a book, or a blog post.

I started to narrate in my head. I began to take note of the question mark-shaped tree at the end of the road or the way the sun echoed through its branches.

Where I added music to my life, I was adding magic.

For 90 minutes, I disappeared behind my favorite rose-colored glasses and inhaled the beauty around me.

Suddenly, I was seeing my life through a new lens.

(Always Afternoon by Medasin feat. Kathleen)

The front yard I'd passed a thousand times, became a Secret Garden; the sun was a peach, bleeding from the sky; mysteries hung from the windchimes next door.

When I added a soundtrack to the mundane parts of my day, I began to participate in my life differently.

I didn't just feel alive, I felt present.

Different parts of each song evoked different creative urges. My brain was looking for ways to accompany the music, searching for stories to complete the picture. Adding this playlist prompted my brain to interpret the world around me in a new and exciting way.

I no longer felt like I was searching for the magic in my life; I finally felt like I was adding the magic to it.

(Quiet in the Garden by Justnormal)

When I began to welcome inspiration, I also began practicing gratitude without even realizing it, simply because I was seeing my life differently.

As I became more grateful for the life I was living, I was able to let go of the imaginary life I was missing out on. I didn’t have to keep living in the parallel universe of “what if,” when the “now” could also be so beautiful in its own significant ways.

A soundtrack can change a boring scene in a movie to one that sends goosebumps sprawling across your skin. A soundtrack can change how you interpret the whole story.

So, what would happen if you changed the soundtrack to your life?

I put together this 90-minute playlist of 30 songs to help get you started.

This mix of lo-fi beats has an airy feel to it, to help keep your mind wandering while you do.

Listen to this playlist while you take your next neighborhood walk, as you putter around the house, or while you read a book in your backyard. You can be the main character anywhere you go! When you add a soundtrack to your life, you also add another layer to explore, celebrate, and love.

(Chateau by Angus & Julia Stone, Holmsey Remix)

So, give it a go – put in those earbuds, plug in that speaker, and relax, as you dip into the best part of this film: the part dedicated to you.

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