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A Playlist for the End of the World

by Lauren Baer 11 months ago in playlist

When the days blur into one, you make your own fun, including creating moody playlists. Here’s a playlist for when you feel like turning inward.

A Playlist for the End of the World
Photo by Matthias Oberholzer on Unsplash

No, it doesn’t feature any REM.

With nothing but time on our hands, we’ve been occupying ourselves with all manner of new, house-bound activities. From TikTok dances to Tiger King, Banana-bread baking to mask-making, happiness — or at least entertainment? — is found in strange places during this lockdown life.

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a baker, I don’t have a sewing machine, and Joe Exotic doesn’t hold much appeal. I’ve contented myself with making pub quizzes for my family and friends, and making playlists. Playlists to try to encapsulate a feeling of life on pause. Novelty playlists with a quarantine theme. Playlists for the music section of the aforementioned pub quiz.

By Reynier Carl on Unsplash

Much like our collective emotions throughout this ~odd~ time these playlists are a rollercoaster ride, so strap in and allow me to guide you through the first one: a pool of emotion felt through song, aptly named, ‘A Playlist for the End of the World’.

1. French Riviera by Cautious Clay

The beginning of the spread. This song evokes a feeling of caution and confusion. Unsure whether what’s coming is a storm or a light breeze. Should we barricade the house or just take down the wind chimes?

2. Strangers by Mount Joy

Fear is gripping the world. People are dying. But it still somehow feels far away? Nobody I know has died. Is it really as bad as they say on the news?

3. Run by COIN

Reality hits close to home. The threat is really here. Conflicting information flies around the internet and the news. World leaders are panicked at best, useless at worst. We insulate.

4. Isolated by Toonorth

The world has changed now. Schools are closed. Restaurants are closed. Travel is limited. What will happen after this?

5. Save Me From Myself by Louis the Child, NoMBe, Big Gigantic

Day 50. Boredom is too strong a word for the ennui of isolation. The days blend into a seemingly endless stream of sleep, eat, zoom repeat.

6. Free by Louis the Child, Drew Love

Light relief. A bright point comes in animal form, providing a small glimmer of normality and hope in the otherwise bleak landscape of lockdown.

7. Haircut by Ryan Beatty

The rage hits. While European countries sing arias from the balconies, and China is deemed safe once more, America has had enough. These people need to get their haircut you know?! Isolation is an affront on their constitutional rights! Whether raging at ‘the man’, at the people protesting ‘the man’, or at animal crossing, fury crashes like a tidal wave drowning us all.

8. Cir•cles by Couros

Gasping for air as we surface, the limitations begin to lift. We are tentative, and primarily unconvinced that the decisions being made are the safest ones.

9. Space Cadet by Philanthrope, Sleepy Fish

We retreat into self imposed bubbles of safety as COVID looms, threatening to return meaner than before.

10. Softly by Clairo

Reprise. We step out once again into the light of day. We are allowed to live again, but will it ever be the same? Cautious to see people, we tentatively make our way into a new world.

By Simon Noh on Unsplash

Hope you’ve enjoyed this playlist, there are more to peruse, such as the modern day Romeo & Juliet vibes that plays out through Love in Lockdown. Fun fact: that playlist was created when I discovered that my friend is having a secret love affair with a neighbor 👀🤫.*

Does any of the Playlist for the End of the World reflect how you’ve been feeling throughout your COVID experience? I’d love to hear everybody else’s thoughts and sounds, so hmu on insta @laurenrosebaer. I mean, it’s not like we have much else to do, amiright?

* not a secret affair because they are married, just not supposed to leave their houses.

Lauren Baer
Lauren Baer
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