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A Halloween Invitation

by Caroline Jane 8 months ago in playlist
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Are you ready for what waits inside?

A Halloween Invitation
Photo by isabel garger on Unsplash

An invitation to a party is far more than a placeholder for your diary. It is the signature of your intention. It could include the perfunctory requirements of a toddler's Monster Mash OR it could contain the sniff of a scent that is the tease of anticipation for your....


You decide....

Halloween is all about the game.

Trick or treat.

Your choice.

Play on.

More often than not in the world of party planning you will know who you are inviting and as such any gaps in expectation can be filled by familiarity. But, what if, like right now, you have no clue who your guests are, and moreover, they have no clue what to expect from you? Well, then I guess you are in the world of blind assumptions, and like me right now, effectively pis*ing into the party planner wind my friend.

By Cristobal Baeza on Unsplash

In this situation the invitation is the hosts best pal because it gives you a means to describe to your potential party posse what to expect and what not to. There is no point saying you are going to have a Halloween party that you know will be a scorched and debauched affair and some poor soul rocks up with their toddlers dressed as superheroes.

They are possibly not going to have the best of times.

Party planning is a massive empathic responsibility. You have to know who is coming, where it will be held, what will be on offer, how good the sound system is, what type of entertainment will be performing...the list is endless... you have to nail every element to win at this.

Just saying - "it's a Halloween theme my darling" - will not cut it.

So, counter-intuitively, I hope my invitation put some people off.

If you dislike mysterious, heavy, debauched, punch you in the face and then rake over the coals with your soul type music. If these are NOT the descriptions of your musical taste, then yes... I suggest you move onto the next playlist that will hopefully have something of a gentler spirit, because you will not find one here.


Yes? Wonderful... Close your eyes and imagine that through that rather grand doorway pictured on your invite lies a massive white room with a black wooden floor. Onto the walls of the room the respective videos for each track on the YouTube playlist below will be projected. Drinks are free and you can help yourself to whatever you want, whenever.


Track 1 - The Mars Volta - The Widow

You have arrived. You have successfully located the door and its well concealed venue after following the various hints and tips on social media platforms that have helped your host simultaneously seal your attendance and put off any potential people who dance to a different, less deviant tune.

You are welcome.

Straight out of the traps.... here is your prize. A "weirder than most stuff you will have ever heard of" tune that is almost a sub-cultural vibe inside the alternative metal/ prog rock scene. For such a hungry and insatiable piece of music it has hung around a long time without getting the acclaim and notoriety is truly deserves to receive.

If you are hosting a Halloween party and you want the opening track to grip the attention of your slightly demented, angst ridden, macabre soaked mob of attendees I think you will set the scene well with this.

It is one of those tunes that nobody cares what it is about because as bizarre as it is it reaches your soul and somehow makes sense as it takes up home there.

Track 2 - Highly Suspect - My Name is Human

A great track that you are unlikely to break out dancing to but this is still only the scene setting stage of the party so as a host you really are in "fluffer" mode. Building anticipation. Whetting appetites and teasing with the promise of a quality set. This track does that. It is a tune made for party foreplay.

A great host always gives their guests acclimatisation space at the beginning of the night. Find their bearings... have a few drinks... meet and greet time. Get a feel for how the party may develop. Excite without peaking. This track ticks all those boxes.

Track 3 - The Pretty Reckless - 25

As the host, before initiating a step change towards the pandemonium that you ideally want to create on the dance floor you may choose to play a few more edgy, vibe setting tracks. There is a pace to these things that has to be judged in the moment. BUT... when you feel the time is right to start aligning everyone's heartbeats... when you do decide it is time to reach down their throats and pull out their may like to grease them up a bit first.

When that time comes I can highly recommend Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless as capable maestros to getting the juices flowing.

With the added suspense of a practically palpable ticking clock you should have the room baying for you to set them free.

But... You are not going to just give it away. That is not how this crowd works. They want a bit of torture thank you.

Track 4 - Placebo - Pure Morning

The video is wonderfully atmospheric and captivating with a base line that hooks into the heart. Waves of guitars and drums crash around it trying to destabilise its intensity but in the end only serve to galvanise its purpose. Much like the sentiments expressed in the video. With Brian Molko's siren like vocals reverberating in effortless echoes every haunted heart in the place should start to feel a little less corporeal.

Track 5 - Tool - Sober

Now, we are starting with the hard hitting getting your rocks off gear, and this one walks straight onto the playlist and rummages around in your guts. Its undulating pitch and tone punches across a twangy base that feels like it is being strummed out of your intestines. It is perverse but you know instinctively you need it in your life. It knows what it is doing this track. It is the King of Heavy Metal storytelling with its other-worldly animated characters illustrating brilliantly just how dirty this music really is. It throws itself into a mud pit and makes the listener get in alongside it.

Track 6 - White Zombie - More Human Than Human

Possibly the best visceral industrial base ever. A track that mates the worlds of metal and dance through grungy, dirty guitars. This track feels almost feral... there is a baseness to it that commands respect and reaction. The fact that it is sublimely on point musically gives a bizarre, inescapable and enduring quality to something that is essentially very raw.

Track 7 - NIN - Closer

If Rob Zombie got you dancing like you were effectively rutting this track by Trent Reznor will have you humping the dance floor. It is carnality in musical form. Listen with care as it contains debased language that perfectly matches the pain of its incessant musical punches. Dig in and go hard. Feel your way through this one. Own it.

Track 8 - Drowning Pool - Bodies

And release... rage... rage.... and rage some more. Then, when ready.... Slam. Let your core scream into the room. This song validates your pain. Use it. Whatever you have held onto... now is the time to let it leave to a backdrop of growling, intense, market leading... thunder.

Track 9 - Blade Soundtrack - A Mix by Orbital.

Now you have dug in, owned it and screamed about it... feel the frenzy and enjoy the one and only marginally cliched track that I am allowing into this playlist.

Hedonism rings right the way through this track's whole duration. Elation is manufactured in the synthetics of it. Escape with it and work out whatever is left festering within your soul. You are now part of a pulsating orgy of dancers... feel the community... share in the love, share in the fight.

Track 10 - Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance

Have some fun. You have climbed the hill now free fall in fits and bursts down the other side. This is a hard hitting track that manages to laugh at itself. It asks you to enjoy the freedom of dancing but to never forget the pain that drove you here in the first place.

Track 11 - In this Moment - The Fighter

A personal one for me, but if the host can't leave a signature then have they really even been present? As you climb down from the heady heights of the previous tracks that have smacked you about a fair bit it is time to make sense of what is going on. Thank you Maria Brink for bringing some well versed perspective to the occasion. Yes, we are all fighters. Yes, we are survivors. Celebrate. Rejoice who you are and how you got here. You do not need anyone to save you.

Track 12 - Bad Wolves - Zombie

A remake of the Cranberries classic featuring posthumous footage of Dolores in the video. It is a wonderful musical tribute that celebrates and grieves the drawing to an end of a life... a night. Dance, slowly, with step by step poignance as you reconnect with what is in your heart and in your head. This is a track that cares in many, many ways. Let it wrap itself around you like an after-shock mylar blanket helping you to re-acclimatise.

Track 13 - Living Colour - Love Rears its Ugly Head

It is the end of the night. You have released, connected, screamed, dug in, clawed through the night. Here is a song to chill you right out and remind you that love ain't all that. Go home, enjoy what you have, be happy being you. Don't let love rear its ugly head. Join the flow and go. You know what you have here... no need for spoils... roll with it. You got this.



About the author

Caroline Jane

Dedicated Musketeer.

Bringing it every day, getting it wrong a lot, and then trying all over again!

Co-founder of the Vocal Creators Chronicle

Co-founder of Vocal Social Society and Great Incantations on Facebook.

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