#901Spotlight on Musician and Industry Mover, Cody Landers

A Look into the Life of a Next Generation Industry Mover and How His Love for Music Became a Career

Twenty-three-year-old Cody Landers has made a name for himself in the Memphis Music community at a very young age. He is guitarist for One Less Reason, and recently became bassist for What We Do In Secret. On top of his hectic career as a musician, he runs AeroLith production studio out of Young Avenue Sound in Memphis, TN. Unlike most 20-somethings, he works diligently, and has only recently seen some fruits of that labor.

When you first meet him, he is the epitome of rocker—with gauges, tattoos, and hair for days. If you judge him by appearance alone, you may picture him tearing up hotel rooms and sneaking your daughter into the closet, and he may have even done those things at one point (not that we know who your daughter is, nor do we have knowledge of him anywhere with her). Today, he was ALL business. When he is not on tour, he is almost always all business. His hours become more like days with sleep and food breaks. He isn’t just a young rocker, he is an up and coming mixer and producer with a full calendar of projects, and more coming in. During his tours and rehearsal season, he has to take a hiatus from this end, which keeps him on strict deadlines in order to not be behind when he has to get up and go.

High school is where he got his first taste of music when he became involved in an impromptu project that paid $500 for working daily for seven or eight months. He loved it, and he knew he could work this to scale and make a living one day. Landers has almost surpassed most 30-year-olds in pay as well as paid off his student loans (which most of us can’t do for a decade or so) by the age of 23. Now is when some of you are wishing your daughters were in the closet with him instead of their deadbeat boyfriends who can’t pay for Wendy’s.

Cody, the guitarist, has stories of hotel rooms and industry parties that will make even a seasoned industry veteran blush. He went from playing a door gig band to national tours in 2016 with arena and festival-sized crowds. Needless to say, the word “culture shock” was thrown around when we talked to him about it all.

Production Cody is a no nonsense workaholic. He knows when to shut off the party/tour life and hustle. If you talk to him about it, his humility will make him utter phrases like “when I make it,” “I’m trying to get to this point…” or “I’m almost where I am supposed to be.” The outsider looking in sees he has already “Made it.” The overachieving millennial will keep moving up because, despite reaching the milestone others would sit back and enjoy, he pushes forward, full speed ahead, to his next goal.

Cody Landers, at 23 years of age, has reached a level in music many never will. You would never know it speaking with him, and you wouldn’t think he was an accomplished industry-mover. Spend 30 minutes across the hall from him as he works and you will. Spend a year across the hall from him and you will know why.

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