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4 Music Albums For Your Creative Playlists

Do you need some new songs that you are looking for specific scenes or character development?

By Samantha ParrishPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

Music is the best benefactor to contribute to the writing, to have something that can inadvertently inspire or channel an idea for conveying a part of a story. But it's hard to stay concentrated after scrolling through the alphabetized song selections to select a song to listen to and then continue that musical inspiration.

I'm the kind of creator that has to have a planned way of creating, I need all my variables in place.

There might be just one or two songs that you like from an artist that fits the criteria of your work. In my case, I write dark humor, the songs I would need in an album would have a lyrical composition that's relevant to the content I'm creating. I would need an album that needs something that has a song for reckless sex, sinister natures, crazy antics, and self-destructive. That is a hard album to find to fit my criteria.

With certain musicians, it's hard to find that musical artist that has a specific amount of songs that are different from each other to use for inspiration. It's best to have a wide variety from an artist that would have a song for a scene you're doing without having to scourge around for another artist that has that certain song that needs to help with your thinking process.

Rarely, have I ever been able to have an album that has everything from different genres within the same musician.

It's nice to be able to hit play on an album and just stay within the album for the duration of the writing session.

There might be a song that just has a certain lyric that sparks an idea for a plot point

I have a range of various albums that could be the album you've been looking for that matches the story you are creating

I've already done an article about a playlist for certain scenes, now this is going to be an article where I want to share some albums that help with a certain genre that you are writing from. I'm just going to be covering certain story ideas that an album could work

1. Artist: Trevor Something

Album: Trevor Something Does Not Exist

I owe a lot of credit to this album for helping me in the last chapters of my first book.

This artist has been my go-to for writing because I know I'll get a song that can perfectly encapsulate a character or a moment I'm writing. This is a perfect album to have a little bit of everything to pick from romance, betrayal, lust, or sketchy. To have that certain song for an entirely different feeling you have to go to for your character's expansion or ambiance of the scene.

If you have a character that has had a foreboding sinister side that is going to lose his/her/their control, In My System is the perfect song that I have used in the moments I've written parts of my stories for a character that is about to fight someone that has no idea what they are capable of.

If you need a song for a scene that involves a promiscuous nature between two characters, then Stay would be that song you need to skip to for getting the sultry inspiration for a steamy encounter with your characters.

These songs have a strong atmospheric presence, and the lyrics of the story of the song are descriptive enough that you can use this as a blueprint for your story. I don't have to make a specific playlist for a certain atmosphere, this artist has everything I need.

This album always has the exact song I need to help with the scenes I create. I listen to this guy, and I just get ideas.

2. Artist/Band: Foster The People

Album: Torches

Fun Fact: the leader of this band wrote commercial jingles before finding success on the radiowaves with his band, which explains why the songs are automatically catchy.

The song Waste is a great song for couples navigating their romance, even if they are an absolute mess. The popular song Pumped Up Kicks is a great pick if you are working on a dark humor book for a character with malicious intentions.

Foster the People can defiantly foster up some ideas for your fiction depictions.

3. Artist: Ivy Levan

Album: Introducing The Dame EP

This is the kind of songs you'd hear on Fargo. The songs with panache with characters that commit petty crimes with a casual demeanor. This is the album to listen to if you have characters that do the stylized crime. I've defiantly relied upon Hot Damn and I Don't Wanna Wake Up for any female character I've written that needed to have an edge with crass and comedy.

It's a fun album to listen to if you need to have an edge and an entertaining fight scene with sass and class.

4. Artist: Marina & the diamonds:

Album: Froot

The thing about Marina and her songs is every song has something you can take away from. There are numerous songs of hers that have been used for the ambiance. You could have an entire movie with the soundtrack entirely using her songs, and have a song that will surmise what that scene should be.

Savages has been a great song about raw realism that helps me write characters that are disgusted and disappointed in society. I’m a ruin is a great song that can help with moving on in a relationship.

If you were to throw a dart at a wall that is comprised of names of her songs, there is no doubt you'd find a song that would help you write a scene. Any scene.

Honorable single selections

Dead Inside by Younger Hunger - I just imagine a character involved in some underground sketchy crime to pay the bills and has no shame about it.

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright - I can only explain the song as sitting in a coffee shop while there’s a hitman at the table who is just enjoying the day that goes by before he has to do his assassination deeds.


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