Vedang Bhatt

  • Vedang Bhatt
    Published 3 years ago
    Influential Reading and Its Benefits

    Influential Reading and Its Benefits

    Reading has been an integral part of learning; it has been one of the most significant sources of information. About 70 years ago, there was no YouTube and television was not very popular; in that era, it was necessary to read newspapers and specifically articles which would be one of the only ways to gain knowledge. Communication using gossip and written letters were also needed, but the wisdom was gained thoroughly by reading. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that specific genres of books have a different effect on you. As an article in The New York Times had published named “Your Brain on Fiction” states that fiction narrative books have a great impact on your mind, and are very important. Moreover, an essay named “On Reading and Books” written by Arthur Schopenhauer claims that reading books with no significance and reason should not be read as it is a waste of time, and reading classics and informative material is helpful. In another text, “Moral Letters to Lucilius” by Seneca expresses that reading is necessary, but skipping books after reading a little is of no use and cannot give any knowledge. I feel any reading is helpful but reading something significant and influential is most beneficial.