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    Published 9 days ago
    My experience giving tuition to a Karen citizen

    My experience giving tuition to a Karen citizen

    As a very fortunate citizen of the country of Singapore, I count myself very lucky in many aspects. I do not have to worry about food, water, and shelter. Out of curiosity, I decided to sign up to volunteer to give online English tuition to Karen students who live along the Thai Burma border. The Karen people mostly live in refugee camps as they are stateless due to an insurgency crisis that happened in the past between Thailand and Myanmar. Apparently, their living conditions are really bad and with COVID-19, their access to education is even more limited. So when the organizer of the tutoring initiative (which is parked under Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar) showed me a presentation about the facts regarding the living conditions of the Karen people, I was of course, very shocked. I found it so hard to believe that there are so many children out there who are struggling so hard in their lives.