Shuvon Williams

I always loved to write ever since i was a little girl i could lose myself in my own stories I won a lot of awards for my writing I hope you enjoy and go on a beautiful journey with me thru my stories

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  • Shuvon Williams
    Published 2 months ago
    A child's cry for her mom's love

    A child's cry for her mom's love

    I was a little girl who just wanted her mother's love, but instead I got blamed and hated. Here's my story! My mother brother and I moved to Averill Ave in a small town a long with her 2 other sisters and their children .We all went to number 15 school I was 5 when we moved there, As a child we were always told that children should not be seen when their adults in the room we were taught to respect all Elders, but what happens when a adult miss treat a child and nothing was done about it, but you were told that you are a lair and all you did was go to bed like you were told. While I am laying in my bed I had a nightmare about rats and in my dream their were nothing but blood all over my room, their was a big fat rat sitting on my chest, once I realize what was happening I started screaming and crying for my mom to come I kept calling for her but no one answered I called out for her again and again just to be woken up by her boyfriend Bosco. When Bosco entered my room he had on just his boxers and no shirt .With his boney little legs and arms I wish I was much older but at that time I was just a little girl looking for my mother and she was no where to be found. When Bosco entered my room he said, "What's wrong with you? Why are you in screaming! I said," I had a bad dream" and I want my mom! he said" your momma not here she left now shut all that noise up before I give you something to scream about "I was scared but I'm still crying for my mom and she wasn't there! While I'm still crying Bosco walks over to where I was laying and got in my bed I didn't know what to do I thought it was ok because he was grown and I was told to respect my elders so I thought letting Bosco in my bed was the right thing to do ,but then he started touching me in places he wasn't suppose to because it hurt, he had long fingers nails that he would put inside of my 5 year old vagina. My mother then walks in and catches Bosco in my bed and ask him "What are you doing? He got smart with my mom and got up and went back in my mother room ,my mother left to go next door and I got up and ran after her ,but when I got there, I over heard my mother telling my Aunt that she caught me in the bed with Bosco, Not I found Bosco in the bed with my child! She did ABSOLUTELY nothing but blame me, nobody cared enough about me instead I grew up being hated for something I had no control over ,Now I'm grown and hate PEDOPHILES.I have buried this for so long today is the first time I spoke on this I hope you guys liked this story because this was hard to write but I want to heal and my healing starts today I hope this touches someone who may be going thru the same thing and know you are not alone and please tell someone thanks for hearing my story.