Papillon Heidi W Jones

  • Papillon Heidi W Jones
    Published 6 months ago
    Why Do French Girls Dress so Well?

    Why Do French Girls Dress so Well?

    My 1993 purple taffeta Paramus Mall junior prom dress with the bling bling diamonte sash certainly reads Saved by the Bell on steroids photos. While I love a tacky throwback picture, I realise I too was, well… Tacky. Don’t get me wrong, I embrace and celebrate tacky, however, I’m now able to be cognisant of my inherent tackiness. When I embrace my inner tacky, I’m wearing pieces that are ethically sourced, well made, and well wearing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really tough to stay out of Zara, but I’be found ways to make it pretty fun. Benefit - I save a lot of money in the process.