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Mister Ree

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    Published 2 years ago
    Liquid Courage

    Liquid Courage

    Something about that Friday night out with the girls seemed different. It was the kind of thing that you looked back on later in life and recognized as the moment that everything began. Everything changed. But that night I was just excited to unwind after a hectic week and spend time with the girls. Then I met you. The first time I saw you I was standing at the bar. You were near the crowded dance floor. You stood out and it wasn't because of your 6'7'' stature. There was a glow about you. A jolt shot through my body that I rarely experienced but I immediately knew meant trouble. I brushed it off as just being horny and went back to the dance floor with my girls. You never left my peripheral. Not ready to go home when the lights brightened signaling the end of the happy hour my girls and I decided to club hop. I lost you in the crowd. While I was excited to be with my girls, I was disappointed that I didn't have the pleasure of hearing your voice. Or seeing the way your lips looked when they formed my name. A missed opportunity. After dancing until our feet hurt the ladies and I decided to call it a night. Ears ringing from standing to close to the speakers and already starting to feel the effects of the bottles of Ciroc that we enjoyed, we stopped at the nearest gas station for some Advil. Just like in those cheesily, predictable romantic comedies you were there when I wobbled out of the gas station. I think that it was a mixture of the alcohol induced bravado, and not wanting you to slip away again, that gave me the courage to walk up to you. "I saw you in Rain earlier. I just wanted you to know that I think you are hot! Thats it! Have a good night!" 5...4...3...2..."Wait!" you say. "Bingo!" I turned around with a huge smile. "Whats your name?"' you ask. "Bianca and yours?" "Dominic." I checked your car and saw that you were all alone, not with the crowd of guys I saw you with at the club. "Ladies, I'm going home with Dominic!" I got in your truck and fastened my seatbelt as you exchanged information with my girls. Vivian flashed her taser, and Kaithlyn opened the trunk to display her widow-maker. They were my best friends, I expected nothing less from them. "Dominic," I called to you before my little thugs scared you away. "Let's go!" You got in the car looked over at me and said, "This is happening right now! You know that right?" I was in the moment. I wanted this and I wanted you. I simply nodded.