Matt Kin

  • Matt Kin
    Published 7 months ago
    Teo Pasquale's Long-Awaited Debut Project 'New Habits' Is Here

    Teo Pasquale's Long-Awaited Debut Project 'New Habits' Is Here

    Teo Pasquale has so much potential, not only as an emcee, I mean full fulfillment creativity, the way he intermediates sounds and picks the perfect production that matches well with the tone of his voice. He spoke on going through YouTube & Soundcloud and finding the unpopular type beats that still have a similar style that will match with his own. Just hearing that I felt the uniqueness; most upcoming artists at his stage will go to the most popular beats online and rap over it. With not being able to find the right producer to believe in him enough to locking himself in the studio and record all night, he went on his own time going through production online and with that found beauty. The way each track transitions into the next on Habits is lovely. It feels like he was comfortable with being uncomfortable. He went wherever the feeling took him, songs that slapped and songs after that brought 90s Biggie vibes. You can hear some of Teo's influences in each song, like Drake, Ye, Jay-Z, Travis Scott, J. Cole and even James Blake towards the end of the project. Only time will tell if this will be Teo's "Comeback Season" or "The Warm Up." The project varies with energy changing. He spoke on his mother passing last November, writing in the hospital, RV basement and his bedroom, and losing and regaining stronger friendships throughout the process. He even felt as though 2018 was a bad year for him, it made him a better artist/person all out and ended up remaking New Habits. With the cover art shot by Justin Williams, it connects so well with every song like "Nowadays" on moving forward, which is big on the project. So since we all like conspiracy theories, we will let you figure the double-headed panther in the middle, the spirit animal, and Doppelgänger boy out on your own time.