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  • kevin Ryan
    Published 3 months ago
    What are the things defining the retirement living at the Water brook?

    What are the things defining the retirement living at the Water brook?

    Water brook are the developers of retirement complexes that are aimed at providing the best in class. Water brook has developed many luxury retirement villages. Starting in the year 2001 the Yowie Bay retirement village was developed. Then the Greenwich retirement village was developed in the year 2008. Following the development of these retirement complexes, Water brook developed a retirement village at Bowral. Another retirement village is under development at the Bay view Golf course. The Bay view golf course provides to the residents or rather supposed to provide the view of the ocean while the senior retirees would be playing golf. There are host of amenities at the retirement villages at the Bowral and other being planned in different stages. There is a twenty four hour nurse under whose supervision and that of the doctors who specialise in the old age problems, the entire course of the activities are designed. There are cafeterias of many types which serve a variety of meals with the type of the meals changing from time to time. The senior residents are encouraged to discuss with the chef as to the kind of meals they want to have. There are people at the twenty four hour concierge service who are available to assist at anytime. These people have been hired by the Water brook management, who have empathy for the seniors. Those people who are just interested to work at the Water brook have not been hired. Empathy and sensitivity towards the senior retirees is crucial for the job. There cannot be a job that makes the seniors uncomfortable with the staff. Hence the management of Water brook chose only those ones who displayed the kind of attitude towards the seniors which made the seniors comfortable be they the staff at the concierge or the ones who do the cleaning.