Jude Goodwin

Jude Goodwin is a freelance writer and poet living in British Columbia, Canada. You can find more of her work on her website at judegoodwin.com

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Is Your Child Being Bullied?
2 years ago
Before I talk about this subject I want to clear the air. Fact: Everyone experiences bullying at one point or another in their lives. Everyone. It might come from a teacher, classmates, a sports coach...
5 Truths
2 years ago
You’ve met the woman of your dreams. Your sex life is amazing. She’s amazing. You love her voice, her body, her laughter, the way she sips her coffee in the morning, the way she flips those steaks on ...
6 Tips for Happy Homework Family Time
2 years ago
How much homework is appropriate? The National PTA recommendations fall in line with general guidelines suggested by researcher Harris Cooper: 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additi...
What is Astrology?
2 years ago
If you type "What is astrology?" into google you'll get an answer something like this: Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influ...
Balancing Work and Life
2 years ago
We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list. ―First Lady Michelle Obama Many entrepreneurs and small business owners find themselves in a situation where work seems ...
What the Heck Is a Vector File?
2 years ago
One of the more confusing aspects of the computer world has always been the wide variety of file formats. You create the perfect document and half the people you send it to can’t open it. How frustrat...