Jam Steward

Currently studying ArtDirection in London, at UAL. Interested in queer theory, artificial intelligence, future politics, art and design.

Instagram: @teleopath_

Tumblr: teleopath.tumblr.com

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9 months ago
When does a human cease to be human through the amalgamation of mechanic and technological hardware? Does the ultimate convergence of these things make my brain nothing but software. Just because my c...
The Evolution of the Power Bottom
9 months ago
“It has become almost customary in work on this subject [of porn] to acknowledge the problems associated with academic enquiry into pornography and the whilst it is largely superfluous to rehearse onc...
Artificial Gender Intelligence
9 months ago
As a western society with fairly traditional views, England as a whole has moderately outdated views on what gender is as a concept (Woods 1995). Even with progressive views speaking of non-binary peo...