Iain Baker

A 'pushing 40' life long gamer, reader, writer, film buff and amateur war historian. Loud and proud member of the 'The Oregon Trail Generation - the first gamer generation.' 

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The Implausibility of Popular Sci-Fi Aliens - Part Three
3 months ago
Communicating and interacting in any meaningful way with a truly alien species might prove extremely difficult, and perhaps impossible. In this concluding part of the trilogy, we will investigate some...
The Implausibility of Popular Sci-Fi Aliens
3 months ago
Introduction and Biology
In Defence of the Tank # 4: WW2 - Part 1
2 years ago
In the last article we explored tanks and armoured warfare in the First World War. We also explored the first anti-armour weapons and tactics. Tank technology developed rapidly in the inter war years,...
A Comedy of Errors in the British Army UOTC: Part 6
2 years ago
So Christmas of ’98 came and went. My face went back to its normal size and shape after the ‘jaw-gate’ incident. I had a wire in my jaw, but it wasn’t wired shut, so I could carry on pretty much norma...
A Comedy of Errors in the British Army UOTC, Part 5
2 years ago
Our next major training weekend with the WUOTC was back in the Brecon Beacons, in the middle of December. As this was in Wales you can imagine it was very cold, and very very wet. If memory serves thi...