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  • hellen jones
    Published 3 months ago
    Will Cryptocurrency Surpass Cash In The Future

    Will Cryptocurrency Surpass Cash In The Future

    Amid many doubts about cryptocurrency on being a platform to carry illegal activities, the tremendous growth of cryptocurrency, in the beginning, has made Bitcoin, the undisputed king of the crypto world. This ruling cryptocurrency is credited for Bitcoin millionaire stories, where the lives of many people got changed when they invested in this popular crypto coin. There seems to be no question about its leadership among the other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin gained much wide appreciation in the crypto industry market cap. Amid many doubts and criticism, there has been not much affecting Bitcoin’s popularity, who grew to fame more and more. But competition is inevitable, and it can be seen with the growth of other crypto coins like Ripple, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. No matter Bitcoin is still the leading crypto coin. The rapid rise of these digital currencies has triggered analysts with a question that says ‘’ will cryptocurrency surpass cash in the future?’’