Chris Reed

I'm 20 years old, live in Ohio and I have been writing for almost 6 years now and I wish to expand my knowledge writing furthermore.

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'Day R Survival': Review
9 days ago
I recently was looking through the Play Store on my phone out of boredom and this one caught my eye. I kept an eye on it for a while and it's done a lot of updates and added new stuff to the game. Thi...
Rainbow Six Siege: Blood Orchid DLC Review
15 days ago
Rainbow Six Siege, the one game that really shows a serious amount of teamwork for attackers and defenders. They released new operators in there new update Operation Health with the operators of being...
Last Day On Earth: Review
17 days ago
Last Day On Earth is a survival sandbox game for iOS/Android. With the game in such early development stages, it's still an ongoing beta process. I got the game recently, due to the fact it came up re...
Top Ten PlayStation 1 Games (My Top Ten)
23 days ago
The PlayStation 1 or PlayStation or PS... or PS1 as everyone says. This console brings me back to some good old memories of using plug-in controllers and Memory Cards. The console was released on Dece...