Azaria Brown

21. I'm a writer and illustrator. I like films, television, books, music, politics and being black. One of my dreams is to work for Genius. 

IG: JaneAvalonArt


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A Gushing Review of Anderson .Paak's 'Oxnard'
10 days ago
Anderson .Paak is the rebirth of Death Row era g-funk on his newest album Oxnard. And it isn’t the pre-packaged, edited for commercial pop standards funk that we’ve gotten in recent years from other a...
Diggy's Second Unexpected Arrival
11 days ago
Diggy’s debut album Unexpected Arrival came out about six years ago and had three singles that did fairly well on the charts and on 106 & Park (RIP). After the album was released, Diggy turned 18, whi...
After the Live Action 'Lion King,' Reboots Need to Stop
11 days ago
When I heard that there would be a live action Lion King staring Beyonce and Donald Glover, I was just as excited as the next person. Donald Glover is an incredible artist and is incredibly versatile ...
'New Yuck City' and 'IIWII' Review
11 days ago
Two for One Special
The "This Is America" Tour
3 months ago
Recently, Childish Gambino postponed his remaining tour dates due to a self-inflicted injury he received while onstage in Texas. Hopefully, I speak for everyone when I say that I hope he heals well an...
Atlanta's "FUBU" Episode: What's Up with Denisha?
7 months ago
The "FUBU" episode of Atlanta was a large topic of conversation after it aired. The episode told a lot of truths; it discussed tag checking, bullying, difficulties faced by teachers/school administrat...