Ashrul 'Bob' Saifudin

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  • Ashrul 'Bob' Saifudin
    Published 9 months ago
    Labelling Theory

    Labelling Theory

    Though we think that our generation is full of labels, and the that effects can be noticed as universal effects shared among people from different walks of life, it not very much of a new field that we are going into; as the theory of labelling had its origin since 1897 when a French author Emile Durkheim first suggested that behaviours are deviant only when society labelled them as deviant. The effects of labelling people can be observed in numerous wide spectrums, as the variables can vary among different people and the society they are in, such as different effects on labelling of gay people may vary from country to country, or how the effects can vary from labels associated with the person’s socioeconomic status or mental health. Even though these labels may be deemed negative, it is pretty much an undeniable fact that they are essential and pretty much incorporated in our social daily life, and to have them dismissed from our lives are just impossible.