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Fun with Flags: Pride!
7 months ago
What are Pride flags? Why are there so many different flags? What do the colours mean? These are some of the most common questions people often ask about pride flags. Just like sexual orientations and...
You There, Let's Talk About Sex...ual Orientation, Shall We?
7 months ago
Are you gay? Bi? Straight? Looks like a simple question, doesn't it? Well, believe it or not, for many people, it can be quite difficult to answer this question. Just like our fingerprints, sexual ori...
Taylor Swift's Best Visuals (Pt. 2)
8 months ago
"Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius," someone once said. Her songs captivate you in ways you would never imagine. While her songs are the best lyrical representations of her life, her music videos provi...
Taylor Swift's Best Visuals (Pt. 1)
8 months ago
Taylor Swift has a vast amount of creativity. This is not only reflected in her amazing songwriting skills but also in her input of ideas in her music videos. As Joseph Khan (one of the directors of h...
What the Reputation Stadium Tour Means to Me
8 months ago
The Reputation Stadium Tour's second night in London was my first Taylor Swift concert. It has been my dream to watch her perform live and although I only got the cheapest ticket, watching high in up ...