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Week 14 NFL Picks Against the Spread
9 months ago
We are already in Week 14 of the NFL season. My fantasy team has been eliminated from the playoffs thanks to Le'veon Bell and his nonsense, so good riddance fantasy football (until I get suckered into...
Week 13 NFL Picks Against the Spread
9 months ago
Week 13 in the NFL, it's wild that we are already at this point in the season with only a month left of regular season games. I am on record of being an NFL hater, but even I have to admit, this seaso...
Week 12 Picks Against the Spread
9 months ago
The streak is over. After going over .500 for about a month with my picks, last week was the first sub .500 week in a while. I would like to thank the Atlanta Falcons for screwing me once again. I wen...
NFL Week 11 Picks Against the Spread
9 months ago
Week 11 NFL. Can't believe we are already here; the season is flying by. And you know what? Time needs to slow down and chill the fuck out for a bit. Seriously time, how about you relax? It seems like...
Is Zion Williamson the Most Exciting College Basketball Player of All Time?
9 months ago
My name is Aaron Tobin-Hess and basketball is my first love. Many of you know me from my various columns on here, mostly where I give NFL picks and make people money in the process (not to brag but I ...
Week 10 NFL Picks Against the Spread
10 months ago
There is a ton going on in the world of sports. NBA season is in full effect and has ton of juicy story lines (Warriors are ridiculous, LeBron drama, the Raptors with and without Kawhi Leonard are so ...