For the Love of the Game: 'I Am Sad'... and Other Thoughts on the Giants' 2018 Season So Far

I am a Giants fan and I am sad.

For the Love of the Game: 'I Am Sad'... and Other Thoughts on the Giants' 2018 Season So Far

I am a fan of the New York Giants and I am sad; I am sad that this season has not started out the way I thought and it looks like it's already over for the Giants before it even got started.I bought into the "revamped" offensive line. I bought into the fact that Eli Manning still had something in the tank. I bought into the fact that a coaching change would be a difference; that anyone is better than that ass-hat Ben McAdoo. I thought the Giants, with shiny offensive weapons such as Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr., would lead the Giants to be closer to the 11-5 team of two years ago than the 3-13 team from last year.Well it looks like I was WRONG—very, very wrong.

The offensive line is terrible. Flat out terrible. Eli Manning now has happy feet and doesn't see plays developing down the field because he feels he will never have time to actually execute the play. Even with all the shiny toys, the Giants have not scored 30 points in a game since 2015; brutal. The play calling isn't creative at all to mask the terrible offensive line. It's a combination of terrible that I am not sure I have seen since I can remember when watching the Giants. BUT,

I am a spoiled football fan, having witnessed two of the greatest Super Bowl wins ever at the expense of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and all the assholes, or I should say Massholes from the 617 (I despise 99 percent of all things Boston but that's a rant for another time). So I can't be too depressed over the NY Giants. The real depression is in regard to the NY Knicks—more on this to come in the near future because as you may have guessed, I have some thoughts on them as well (sense a theme here?).

**Note** The Giants won week 3 in Houston 27-22. The offense showed tremendous life; Saquon Barkley was amazing and looks like he is already the best running back in the league (you're damn right I said it, best RB in the LEAGUE) and Odell Beckham Jr, and Sterling Shepard were able to make plays down the field. Eli Manning was 25/29 passing and no turnovers.

It's amazing how much better the offensive line looked when Erik Flowers's bum ass is sitting on the sideline, and his replacement gave up three sacks (in fairness, JJ Watt is a beast when healthy). Maybe the Texans are just terrible but maybe there is something to build on from the week 3 performance. Who knows but for now I'll leave it to Michael Corleone to sum up my feelings towards the NY Giants at the moment...

A Little More About Me...

My name is Aaron, I am a Jewish kid from Long Island, I am a sports fan and as I am sure you could figure out from that description, I am quite opinionated (and my opinions are always true; they are the gospel at least in my own mind). So naturally I started a podcast, For the Love of the Game, where I voice my opinions about the sports world.

I started this while I was working at a job I hated and I had just ended a relationship and I needed some excitement. My goal for this podcast was to take the long, drawn out Facebook feeds you see on sports that are quite insufferable with people commenting and arguing (and it going on and on and on—way longer than it should) and put it into a way less insufferable voice. I have been inspired by Bill Simmons, before he became way too big time and distorted by his own political agenda. Most of all, I just want to have fun with it, chat with friends I don't get to see often, and keep things light and see where it takes me.

So I present to you all, For the Love of the Game.

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Aaron Tobin-Hess
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