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What About the Artist Herself?

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By Info CrunchPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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In the fleeting span of time – a mere whisper amidst the vast expanse of life – the average museum visitor casts a fleeting glance at an artwork for less than 30 seconds. It's a moment suspended in the ether, a transient encounter with the sublime, seeing the creation of a human giving their deepest emotions, physical, mental, & creative parts of themselves to the piece. The museum visitor approaches the sculpture, mesmerized by the hours spent on the gorgeous stone. They glance over to the painting on the wall, withheld in good condition for centuries and within that ephemeral glimpse into the artists work lies the potential for discovery, for a personal revelation in the soul. Just as the artist poured their efforts into the art, the museum visitor can walk away with a world of new insights. Oh, the wonders that await!

Consider, Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night," a celestial masterpiece that needs no introduction. Standing before its luminous canvas, the world around seems to fade away, replaced by a dreamscape of swirling stars and dancing shadows. Getting lost in the deep azure hues of the night sky as they mingle with the fiery strokes of yellow, they, together, create symphony of color that stirs the soul in whatever direction the soul needs to be stirred. If the museum visitor would be stirred to ask deeper questions, maybe they would ask the artist, "What lies beyond the surface? What secrets does this ethereal masterpiece hold into the world you lived, the life you lead?" A great artist, he was, yet does the museum visitor ask the same about every portrait, every sculpture, every ink splashed on a space? I wonder, what made them fall into their style of art?

In those fleeting moments, as you drink in the beauty of van Gogh's brushstrokes, you may catch a glimpse of something deeper, something profound. Perhaps it's the artist's tumultuous journey with fate, his battle with inner demons laid bare on the canvas before our very eyes. Or maybe it's a reflection of your own soul, a mirror held up to the depths of human experience and each swirl, a memory into your future and into your past.

What of the artist himself? A tortured soul, a beacon of creativity in a world consumed by darkness with some light and lightness with some dark. The balance of the yin and yang His story is as captivating as his art, a tale of triumph and tragedy woven into the fabric of history and visitors of the museum glimpse just for a moment, even if the visitor's gaze upon the artwork is hours or days long, they may never know the true depth behind every stroke. Van Gogh derived from humble beginnings in the Dutch countryside and with his fateful encounter with the stars, he created a legacy that has withstood the testament of time... People plan trips to view, to feel and experience the power of Van Gogh's artistic expression.

But things can be somewhat different than what they seem. People who appreciate the deepest feelings of life will feel that painting far into their future, pondering, wondering, perceiving. Remember, dear wanderers, you are not mere spectators; you are active participants in this grand narrative. With each glance, each brushstroke, you add your own chapter to the story. So linger not in the shadows of doubt, but step boldly into the light of discovery. For within the realm of art, there are no limits, no boundaries – only endless possibilities waiting to be explored... How cool that you get to be the one to perceive that piece of that artists soul, then add your own meaning, trembling in the presence of the creative expressions of being human.


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