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Wang Houlin

Wang Houlin

By Annamaria SchoultzPublished about a year ago 3 min read

I know all about class seating, believe it or not, but I can't hide it, so let me tell you.

Our class is generally arranged according to height, the tall sit behind, the short sit in front, otherwise the tall sit in front, the short sit behind is unreasonable.

The front are short, our class naughty king is Wang Houlin, every row of seats, Wang Houlin's seat is the same, his position in front of the podium, so that the teacher can be good "repair" him. The teacher in front of the strict management, poor students are being managed to be terrified, as if "forever can not be overborn".

In the middle are "two red bars" class cadres, in the middle ah, but a feng shui treasure, excellent students always go there to sit, the middle vision is good, everyone is excellent.

After that, it's just so-so. Because the teacher do not look at the back, only a few good students, class cadres to manage, if the class cadres, good students have no way to take them, can not manage, the class teacher "please" they sit next to the teacher on the "private throne", sit to the honest to put them back "Liangshan", in order to let them be honest, the teacher can only let them "pain".

Chen Sentence summary: The seat of the class, the front is strict, the middle is excellent, the back is general, the podium next to the "pain", as for the front door, by the back door, by the window, - cool! Why get high on the doors and Windows? Hot open the doors and Windows first blow the wind, cold close the doors and Windows will not be blown by the wind, this is not my make up, is the monitor said oh.

This is the thing about seats in our class. What do you know about seats in your class? Let's hear it if you know it.

The other day, I had a fight with him. The other day, I had a fight with my best friend. We play together at noon, a play is a morning, to 2:30, and now it is too late to take the bus to school, my father quickly drove a motorcycle to send me to school, also brought my friend. I was furious and thought: Why would I want to go with him? I can't stay calm.

To the school, he got out of the car, ran into the school, I also chased up, asked him a few words, I found his eyes red, ready to cry, "don't make a noise!" He shouted loudly. I fought with him, and after a while he stopped, turned and went back to the classroom. His classmates saw him and asked, "What's wrong with you?" He cried, I cried, I went back to the classroom, quietly sat in the seat... I looked out the window, there was no sign of him playing with sandbags on the playground, I secretly ran to his classroom to see him, did not find him, I returned to the classroom, a classmate said to me: "Your friend just came to look for you!" He came to me, too! Our hearts match!

On Saturday and Sunday, I asked him out to meet me, and he came, and we talked a few words and got on with each other." I'm sorry!" 'he said to me. "I'm sorry!" 'I said excitedly.

They say that even money can't buy friendship. Yes, we should cherish friendship, friendship is a knife, break the stone in my heart; Friendship is a lamp that illuminates the darkness in my heart; Friendship is a huge box, harvest happiness, but also share happiness. Find a friend in a sea of people? Having trouble finding a true friend? It's even more difficult! But all these encounters seem to be arranged by God, so that you inadvertently get a precious friendship, depending on whether you are willing to cherish it...

The power of friendship is powerful! Depends on whether you are willing to cherish!


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