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"Unleashing the Power of Gimbals: A Riveting Comparison of Weebill 3S vs. Weebill Lab"

"In a Battle of Innovation and Durability, Discover Which Gimbal Reigns Supreme in Real-World Testing"

By Joel DaviesPublished 11 months ago 4 min read


I've been using this gimbal for over three weeks now and wanted to thoroughly test it in real-world scenarios before writing a review. I took it to weddings and used it for real estate videos to see how it performs compared to the original Weebill Lab that I've been using for over three years. The original gimbal has been through a lot, and when it finally stopped working after being used in the rain at a wedding, I wanted to replace it with another Weebill Lab. However, I discovered that the Weebill 3S had just been released, so I decided to give it a try.


Which gimbal stands out in terms of design, offering a more comfortable and superior build quality—Weebill 3S or Weebill Lab?

First, let's compare the design of the two gimbals. They are similar in size, but the Weebill 3S is slightly bigger. The handle grips are also different. The Weebill 3S has a fixed back sling that allows for easy grip and under-slung mode, making it more comfortable to carry compared to holding it in a traditional way. The handle grip on the Weebill 3S is placed lower on the gimbal and feels different when holding it compared to the Weebill Lab. The build quality of the Weebill 3S is superior, with a more firm and high-quality feel, while the Weebill Lab feels a bit cheaper with its plastic construction.


How does the difference in battery placement between the Weebill 3S and Weebill Lab impact their usability, particularly in terms of convenience during travel or events like weddings?

One notable difference is the battery placement. In the Weebill Lab, you could remove and replace the batteries, but in the Weebill 3S, the batteries are built into the gimbal itself, allowing for convenient charging without the need to remove them. However, this means that you can't easily swap batteries while on the go, which could be a drawback if you're traveling or shooting at a wedding, for example.


When comparing the Weebill 3S and Weebill Lab, how do the upgraded motors and enhanced stability of the Weebill 3S contribute to a more secure and reliable shooting experience compared to the Weebill Lab?

The motors in the Weebill 3S are stronger than those in the Weebill Lab, which is a nice upgrade. The gimbal feels more sturdy and reliable, and the locks on the axes provide added security. In contrast, the Weebill Lab feels less secure with its locking mechanism.


: How does the Weebill 3S demonstrate its real-world performance and durability, specifically in terms of handling the demands of events like weddings and providing enhanced comfort and control through its grip and handle design?

Now, let's discuss real-world use. A gimbal may look great on paper, but its performance matters the most. I used the Weebill 3S at weddings and in various events, and it handled the rigors of being in my bag, accidental bumps, and continuous use very well. The grip on the Weebill 3S offers a comfortable resting place for the wrist, relieving some pressure, especially when carrying it for extended periods. The handle also provides additional control, particularly in underslung mode, allowing for more stable shots.


How does the control layout of the Weebill 3S differ from that of the Weebill Lab, and what are the implications for users in terms of ease of use and personal preference?

The control layout on the Weebill 3S takes some getting used to. Recording and other functions are positioned near the thumb, which may not be the most natural spot for some users. In comparison, the control layout on the Weebill Lab, with its center column placement, was also not very intuitive. It's a personal preference, but I found the control placement on the Weebill Lab more favorable.


In terms of camera control, how does the absence of direct control over camera settings via the scroll wheel on the Weebill 3S impact its usability compared to the Weebill Lab, which offered intuitive and quick adjustments of various camera parameters?

One feature I missed from the Weebill Lab was the ability to control camera settings directly through the scroll wheel. It was intuitive and allowed for quick adjustments of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and more. The Weebill 3S, on the other hand, only allows you to configure the scroll wheel for one function at a time. While you can assign other functions like touch control to the gimbal, it's not as convenient as the direct control offered by the Weebill Lab.


How does the built-in light of the Weebill 3S enhance low-light shooting scenarios, and what are the potential drawbacks in terms of brightness and user experience compared to using a separate light attachment with the Weebill Lab?

Another notable feature of the Weebill 3S is the built-in light. It comes in handy for low-light situations during night vlogging or weddings where additional light is needed. However, the light can be quite bright and may be hard to look at. It's a useful feature, but I didn't find it as enjoyable to use compared to attaching a separate light to the Weebill Lab.

In terms of portability, the Weebill 3S is still a solid gimbal, but if you already have the Weebill Lab and are happy with its lightweight and compact nature, there may not be a significant need to upgrade. However, if you're tired of the weight and want the convenience of a built-in light and stronger motors, the Weebill 3S is worth considering. It offers some notable upgrades, although the direct control over camera settings is missed.


Overall, I had a positive experience using the Weebill 3S for real events. It proved to be durable, comfortable to use, and offered additional features that enhanced my shooting experience. While the Weebill Lab still holds up as a reliable gimbal, the Weebill 3S is a solid contender, especially if its features align with your needs.

I hope this revised version better conveys the main points of your review. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to address!

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