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The tale of a lover birds

A costly mistake made by a two couples

By James stephen KaluPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
The tale of a lover birds
Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

How the story started. A man was dating a beautiful damsel, and they were so much in love and they both shared things in common, and no secret was kept from each other.

The people around them wish they could also have such a lovely relationship because of the way the two lover birds relate to each other.

So one day as the two lover birds were walking on the road, they saw an old woman that was carrying a load on her head. The old woman asked for assistance from the two lovers, and they both refused to assist the old woman, rather, they started laying abusive words on her, and they also hissed and walked away. After the incident, the old woman felt so bad and got angry, and she took sand off the ground and started laying courses on the lovers. She said the lovers will never have a child till they die, and they will be fruitless.

After one year of dating her lover, the birds decided to get married. Mr. Mark, who is the lover man has a very good job. He works with a shipping company, and he's well paid, and his wife has a hair salon that she manages. The two couples were both living happily until one day when the mother-in-law came to visit his son in the city and she started demanding for a grandchild and she refused to eat any food prepared by his son's wife, her hatred toward her son's wife began to grow to the point that she suddenly went back to the village.

One year came and gone without a trace of pregnancy, even as Mr Mark was performing his duty as a man, second year came and gone, yet no child. The third year came and went, also without a child.

People started getting worried both friends and family, different questions and suggestions started coming in, and pressure from left to right increased. Mr. Mark's friends started suggesting a second wife thinking the first wife has no womb to carry a child or maybe there is a fertility problem in the lineage of the wife.

Mr. Mark refused to take any advice that was given to him by his friends, rather, he kept on believing in the appointed time of the Lord. He was also a devoted child of God, and he took God's word so serious that he couldn't compromise, even the doctor also confirmed that nothing was wrong with him and his wife.

One day Jessica the wife of Mr. Mark, was on her way to work, and there came a man of God who had been led by God to speak to her. The man of God told her something was wrong with her and that she couldn't give birth to a child because of the old woman she and her husband offended some years ago, but the only solution to that problem is for her and the husband to engage themselves in prayer and fasting for three days, and on the third day they should come to church for a final prayer, but if they fail to do that, the problem will remain and there will be no child in the family. Jessica was amazed to receive such a message, so she quickly concealed work for that day and ran back home. When her husband came back from work, she told her husband what happened, and her husband was in shock and silent for a moment without uttering any word.

The following day, they began the fasting and prayers, the first day came and gone, the second day came and gone; and on the third day, they went back to church for a final prayer. When they got to the church, the man of God laid hands on them and prayed for them, and they got delivered. After two months of liberation, Jessica got pregnant. You can imagine the kind of joy that fills her heart. Then at nine months, she gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named her gift. The family now lives happily forever.


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