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A village with calamity, a king worried

By shittu Hassan OyedelePublished 2 months ago 8 min read
Photo by Saurav Mahto on Unsplash



(The first queen of the king was in her room as she called one of the guards to intimate with her without the guard’s consent, she was almost naked).

Queen Oyenike: Adamu!!! Are you deaf? Get into my room and serve me some coffee.

Adamu: Yes, your highness

(She followed him into her room and she keeps moving closer to him as the guard’s heart beats faster)

Adamu: Please my queen don’t do this.

Queen Oyenike: Lay on the bed, no one will find out.

(The queen command him to lay on the bed but he didn’t listen then she pushed him on the bed. They were caught by other queens in the palace and the information got to the king)

Queen Oyenike: (crying crocodile tears) Help!!!. He wants to rape me my king, I was in my room, he barged in when I’m undressed and wanted to rape me.

Adamu: it’s a lie your majesty, I can explain.

King Akinyele: GUARDS. Banish this man to the evil forest.

Adamu: (Crying innocently) kabiyesi Edakun, iro ni won pa momi.

Queen Oyenike: (on top of her voice), so I’m a liar, take this idiot out of the palace and make sure you torture him before banishing.

After some decades, the villagers are facing a lot of pandemics and diseases. The innocent man who the king banished and sent into the evil forest for death sentence had cause the land of Ayemiran; a generational curse. The king dethrone Queen Oyenike as a queen in the village and banish her from the kingdom. The ifa-Priest was consulted for solution to the pandemics and diseases.

Obatala: There will be a new born baby girl from the king that will deliver the village from the disease and the pandemic curse all in one.

The king has been in search for an heir many years ago, when the ifa announced to him that he will deliver another baby girl, he was in a deep thought.

King Akinyele: Looking furious…. ANOTHER FEMALE what are you saying? Are you cursing me? After five females without an heir, I shall receive another female. (Meanwhile the king doesn’t understand the outcome of what is happing)

Obatala: I understand you your highness but I only said what the ifa had shown to me in the scripture of the future, there is a saying my king; only if you permit me to speak

King Akinyele: Speak, I’m all ears.

Obatala: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That’s the reason we call it present….. (About leaving the premises of the King, bowing his head). Ire oo Kabiyesi

One day, the sun shines bright but people couldn’t feel any hefty heat and the snow falls but very cold. In this warm temperate season, a woman who is pregnant was about to deliver. Her husband’s heart beats very faster but steady every single day as he wants his wife and the baby to survive because of the disease and curse pandemic that is happening at Ayemiran Village.

After some weeks, the civilised woman was put to delivery and she delivered safely with a bouncing baby boy, the news was announced to the father and his joy hits the roof. It’s very beautiful said by his mother whose name is Amoke. The father did thanksgiving to the ifa of the land by sacrificing some oils, goat and other ingredients to the priest.

The king’s youngest queen; Ashabi was also put to delivery at the same day and she delivered a girl exactly as the ifa priest had said but died during delivery. Everyone in the palace was sad and happy at the same time but the king was worried for the goodness of his people.

According to Yoruba tribe, a female naming ceremony is seven days after birth and a male naming ceremony is nine days after birth. So the princess naming ceremony was first celebrated. The naming celebration was quite appealing, all the villagers heard the news and attended the ceremony.

King Akinyele: I greet all the people of ayemiran, ire akari oo, eku a ma ke bi eku, eye a ma ke bi eye, omo eniyan a ma fohun bi omo eniyan

The villagers: oo oo Ase!!!

King Akinyele: I shall name my princess after her mother, ASHAKE.

After the celebration, they proceed in the funeral of the queen, all the villagers moved to the funeral excluding the King.

The king commands his guards to summon the priest.

Obatala: Kabiyesi oo… You sent for me your highness.

King Akinyele: The female child has been brought into this world and her mother is dead. As you know the customs and traditions, Oba ki roku (The king must not see a dead being). How will this child save our kingdom from this cause?

Obatala: Let me consult the oracle (after a short time), kabiyesi o, ifa had chosen a woman that will nurture this child.

King Akinyele: (Looking Surprised and furious) Ki lo’n so bayi (What are you saying?), of course it will be my queens who will take good care of the child so what woman are you talking about?

The priest: The ifa did not show me more than what I had said earlier but we shall find out.

King Akinyele: HOW??

The priest suggest to the king that he should call all the women in the village. Immediately the king called the town crier to announce to all the women in the village to be here by tomorrow evening with their first son. The ifa priest said he would construct a test for all the women in the village.

King Akinyele: a hefty sigh…. Alright you may take your leave.

Obatala: Kabiyesi oo… Ire oo..


The town crier: Keree oo oo, the King said that all the women in Ayemiran should come to the palace along with their first son tomorrow evening.

The villagers: People clamouring in distance. Why the king did wants us in the palace. (The town crier continuously repeating the same message as the king instructed).

(The next day, all women came to the palace due to the respect of the king, firstly the king thought it was a joke but it was real. The ifa priest had set up everything himself and he was also around the palace as he started the test for the women).

King Akinyele: Tomorrow is a mystery indeed, what is all of this in my palace?

Obatala: I set up two wells and a rope at greater height, the princess will be tied to one of the ropes and the sons of these women. The guards will release the two children from great height then we ask the women to save any child she love most.

King Akinyele: What my princess? No this can’t be happening in my palace. Stop all of this now!!!

Obatala: Kabiyesi, try to understand my point of view. We have to check which woman will love the princess more than her son.

King Akinyele: Alright, you won’t listen but nothing should happen to my child.

Obatala: Yes your highness.

(The women sons were tied to a rope one after the other and a stick rapped with white cloth, which everyone thinks it is the princess but it wasn’t. The ifa priest asked two guards to guide the male children inside the deep well. The test began, all women was tested but all of them failed by rescuing their sons. They were all sent home but a voice from a far distance was echoing. Its remaining one woman a guard spoke).

(They tested Amoke and she left her child saving the sticks she caught the sticks and was surprised it was only sticks, she held kabiyesi tight and starts crying)

Amoke: Ohh my child fell into the well. Please someone save my child.

(Why do you think she will leave her new born son to save the princess? Everyone was indeed surprised at what she did. They asked her why she save the princess but she said nothing and keeps crying).

Amoke: (shedding tears); my only son is dead but I shall take the princess as my own daughter, she gave the princess a hug and return her to the king.

King Akinyele: STOP!!! GUARDS!!! Bring her son out of the well. Amoke your son is still alive he was rescued by the guards inside the well. Come with your husband to the palace and be the family for my daughter.

Amoke: What? My son, (she cried bitterly and receive her son with joy, she thanked the king and went home to tell her husband the news) Ese Kabiyesi.

(Amoke went home with her only child and narrated the news to her husband)

Adeleke: Amoke!!! How many times did I mention your name?

Amoke: Three times

Adeleke: Almighty has saved you from me today. If my child had died, what will we be saying? That you went to the palace to save the princess from falling and you lost our child in the process. Ahh.. (Suck teeth) you will see trouble, besides who gave you the permission to leave this house?

Amoke: I’m sorry my husband, it was our neighbour that influence me to take part in the ehmm ehmm.

Adeleke: shut up your mouth, can you hear yourself altering nonsense from that stupid mouth of yours? I pity you, I think you are ready to pass through another pain to give birth to another one immediately.

Amoke: Baale mi, I’m very sorry please don’t be annoyed. I promise it won’t repeat itself again.

Adeleke: Better, it should never repeat itself because I won’t take it likely with you.

Amoke and adeleke ate and slept peacefully

read out for chapter 3 and 4

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