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Reviving Art and Craft of Rug Making in Uttar Pradesh

A humble effort by Pihue creations

By Vivek ShrivatavaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
A modern Rug design by Pihue Creations based in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Pihue Creations is a Rug design company that began its humble operations in 2015 with just two passionate people and 4 helping hands. The main idea was to help artisans who are unable to justify their craft and skill in a competitive Global Market where the Brand meets Customers without acknowledging the artisans and their craft.

Pihue precisely began with the objective of reviving the craft and skill of artisans from Uttar Pradesh who have been weavers for centuries and have depicted narratives about India through their craft.

A pictorial representation of Kabir weaving - borrowed form Wiki Commons

Kabir was a 14th century poet and saint who was a weaver by profession. He brought in together all religions under one umbrella through his songs and writings that brought in peace and harmony among communities.

The noble profession of weaving has been fading since Industrial revolution with the arrival of machines and automation of production. But somewhere the soul of the Rugs was lost and it was imperative that it should come back to restore the Culture that was prevalent in the earlier times that encouraged Harmony and Peace across Communities.

In the wake of 21st century where Globalization has taken away the carpet beneath the feet of weavers, Pihue has rightly stepped in to make a difference to their lives by providing them with livelihood and respect.

Entrepreneurs who are socially conscious about creating a better world for a better tomorrow are taking the risk of investing their hard earned money into the Weaving industry. Thereby reviving the Arts and Craft of the yesteryears.


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