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starts with the john

By amankuPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

There was a sudden temperature decrease in that particular area. When he turned his head backward, he saw dark and pale skin lurking on his shirt. He suddenly jumped scared and ran two miles away without any second thought, and closed the door when he reached home. Afterward, there was a series of nightmares coming with and without any meaning, but whenever he stood up at night, John started to notice some patterns from dusk till midnight, or 3:00 am, that his skin becomes lighter and lighter when the darkest appeared more black in the sky. It's like the old pale skin, which he saw earlier that evening. But the matter of fact is that at noon, all things go wisely and gently, as if nothing happened, like his previous time before all of this horrific incident, or we call it a tragic incident because afterward, John lives in two moods (or second personalities) with the same thoughts and expression, like when to beat a deadline, relationships with Anna, chats with his friends, and many more like any other common being can experience in his/her daily life. But afterward, things go completely change like a suspense and comedy movie, where mood with the background gets completely changed. The more the movie gets intense, the picture gets slower, like we got fly's eyes, and the music turned into a nightmare of a loop where nothing can come out like light from the Blackhole, and suddenly, it lifts up when the heroine showed up or MC talks with his family. Likewise, John started to live in two mazes of parallel worlds, and the noticeable thing is that his previous self disappears in the shadow when the sky darkens and darkens, and new John's showed up. But let me explain some few things before all of this. At that particular evening when he shut the door hard after the encounter with that entity (or imagination), his rest of the days go normal. He takes a meal of two steaks with some bread and beer, and after some talk with his owner, he goes to bed directly, which is very unusual because it was very different from his daily life routine (and his routine is strictly followed by him). That day was not any hustle or anything; it was the weekend, and all he had done was sleep during the daytime. So, where were we again? Yes, nothing changes and becomes worse from that eve. It's like you are experiencing a sort of nicotine dependence even though you haven't tried it once, what its taste is like and feel or experience sort of things. His fatigue goes away with the dawn, like the energy of sunlight beams directly into his cells, charging him up and spreading positivity all over the corner of the room.

That all I Can Say About Him Right Now

Because he is suffering till date

and no one nearby Him can Tell What is Happening

because with every horror movie there is an explaination but what will be the End If i say there is no claritey even what happend to the john at that evening , was that an imagination or real entitey or somethingelse maybe he is suffering from any disorder and that was an episode of Jhon which narrator described earlier .....

so wil meet you in next with some other interesting inccident or anything else goodbye.


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