Why Software Development Is Losing Significance: Find out Myths That Are Responsible

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In spite of Latest Industry Trends Favoring Software Development, These Misconceptions Bring Down the Working Forces and Impacts the Growth of Software Industry Worldwide.

Why Software Development Is Losing Significance: Find out Myths That Are Responsible

Industry trends keep on changing. As the world is quickly sailing towards becoming digital, the development of software and applications is in demand. Hence, it has resulted in an increase in the revenue generation of the software development industry where many companies are running their businesses by providing excellent development services to others. However, there are still myths and misconceptions around software development which many times leads the spectator to conclude false information.

Software Development: Is It Really that Difficult?

According to research, there were 23 million software developers around the world in 2018, and the number is expected to reach 27.7 million in 2023. This solely indicates the popularity of software development. However, the myths revolving around software development and spread across developers often lead to poor development and result in software that doesn't match the set quality standards.

Here are some of the popular myths affecting software development and dragging it behind with the misconceptions among developers. Also, the reality regarding each myth is explained below to clear out the conceptions and encourage the software development to its best.

1. Comparing Programming Languages

Each programming language holds its own importance in the development environment. Generally, the selection of development approach is done after completing a thorough analysis, and hence there is no scope for comparison among the languages. Each programming language offers its own set of features and support that others might not include, and hence the selection of programming language is done accordingly.

2. Speeding Up Development is Beneficial

It sure is. Client businesses will obtain their proposed software earlier and easier than they had anticipated. However, increased development speed should not affect the quality of development done. As the speed and quality of developed code are usually inversely proportional, the increased development speed often lends the developer in developed code troubles, where the code contains several bugs or does not work as expected. Hence, it is advisable to code faster but with keeping all the necessary criteria regarding code quality in mind.

3. Working for Long Hours Increases Productivity

The most common misconception around development strongly affects the software developers. As the myth concludes, if a developer is forced to sit for more amount of time at work, they provide the outputs faster and increase their productivity. This is entirely wrong. Keeping developers locked for hours and making them sit at a single place where they are supposed to code for long hours decreases their code quality and productivity significantly. It makes development a task that bores them the most and does not help in increasing the productivity of them at all and actually decrease it to a great extent.

4. There Are No Limits

This myth is spread wide across the clients who are searching for development support and contact the software development companies to get their requirements answered. They often expect some impossible things from the development team that stretches the development team out and results in an unexpected and unwanted quarrel. Therefore, it is to note that even the IT industry has its own limits and not everything is possible to implement in given time duration and so the clients should clear everything out with the developers first and prioritize the tasks earlier to obtain excellent results.

5. There Are No Failures to Face

When trying out and implementing a newer concept for the first time, there is no guarantee for success. Many successful startups of today have failed during their initial phase and still have recovered and are running at the excellent speed today. Therefore, the myth of IT startups not failing is required to be cleared as there are cases when the development team had implemented innovative concepts and failed, but which later got fixed through their continuous efforts and are successful products used today.

For example, a client business is handing over the task to develop an app solution that works on the on-demand business model and offers its services to customers. Here the development team is supposed to make an app like Uber for restaurant businesses that can support customer demands, and if the solution is to be built for the first time, there are chances they might fail at implementing certain functionalities which can be fixed later with their continuous efforts and the solution is developed.

6. Programming is the Most Important Aspect of the Entire Development Cycle.

The development cycle for software contains various stages, which start with analysis and end at the deployment of the software in the market. The different stages hold their own significance in the development, and hence must be paid enough attention. However, most of the software developers insist on giving importance to programming more than ever, and often end up affecting the code quality badly.

Therefore, programming is not the only important aspect; instead, performing a thorough analysis is more important to clearly understand the software concepts and requirements as it helps in implementing better software and ensures customer satisfaction.

7. The Bigger the Development Team is, the More Work They Can Do.

Adding up people for developing a single software is not a good option. The development of software is required to be done with efficiency and it requires the developers to thoroughly understand the software concept well. Increasing the team strength often leads to misunderstanding the software requirements; and also if any new people are added to the team in-between the development tasks, they must be taught every single detail from the start, which consumes more time. Therefore, it is advisable to optimize the team strength and offer excellent development support.


Risking the quality of software development, these myths widely affect the end results and often lend the development companies and clients in difficulties. Therefore, knowing the truth behind the myths and the actual explanations to every question raised through these myths. Ensuring your clients receive the best services from you, you can emerge as a great software development company in the market and earn more profits and fame.

Manoj Rupareliya
Manoj Rupareliya
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