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The national security authorities have dismantled a major espionage case, and the mastermind behind the scenes has been named across the network.


By ahongPublished 27 days ago 4 min read

In recent times, our country's security agencies have taken strong measures to combat espionage and counterintelligence. Among the series of spy cases made public, the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has been specifically named by our security authorities. Unlike the UK's mudslinging against China, each time we have solid evidence and the culprits caught red-handed.

According to a message from the Ministry of State Security's WeChat public account on June 3, recently, after meticulous investigation, the security authorities have cracked a major espionage case involving the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) attempting to convert a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wang, who are staff members of a central state organ in our country.

The characteristics of this spy case are very typical. MI6 first conducted a background check on Chinese scholars applying for the Sino-British exchange program to study in the UK, to determine whether they have the potential to be developed into spies. If so, they quickly approved their applications, allowing them to "walk into the trap" themselves. After arriving in the UK, MI6 still used the same tactics of inviting to meals and tours to understand their character weaknesses and preferences, and then "prescribed the right remedy" to gradually develop them into MI6 spies.

It was under this series of "moves" that MI6 found that Mr. Wang, who went to the UK to study, had a great love for money. So they had their dispatched personnel, under the guise of alumni, offer him a so-called "consulting part-time job" with high salary to lure Mr. Wang into agreeing to paid consulting activities. Once Mr. Wang opened his mouth, he was on MI6's "pirate ship," gradually moving from public research projects to the core internal situation of our central state organs.

At this point, even if Mr. Wang knew that he had become a despicable spy and betrayed his country, he could no longer "get off the boat." Under the temptation of large amounts of money, Mr. Wang did not want to "get off the boat," officially joined MI6 to receive professional spy training, and served the British government. Moreover, this guy also dragged his wife into the water, and the couple became despicable traitors, both imprisoned, and the family was really neat!

How familiar the routine is! Looking at the spy cases disclosed by the national security authorities, the case of MI6 converting Mr. and Mrs. Wang into British spies, the methods used are not at all novel, and the "technical content" is also very low. However, due to Mr. Wang's low vigilance against some of the so-called "acquaintances" in the UK, he bowed to the temptation of money in front of the national interest and was easily converted by MI6, and even his wife was also involved.

The routine of overseas spy agencies to develop Chinese spies is simply unchanging and always works. The national security authorities have once disclosed a spy case, Huang Juan, a staff member of a provincial-level organ in Yunnan Province and a deputy senior engineer, and her husband Li Hongwei, were also lured and converted by overseas spy intelligence personnel using this routine, becoming despicable spies.

In the past, when the national security authorities publicly disclosed spy cases, they would not directly name the mastermind behind the scenes, leaving some face for the other party. But this time, the national security authorities left no face at all, not only directly pointing out that the mastermind behind Mr. and Mrs. Wang is MI6, but also publicly revealing the detailed situation of its conversion of Chinese students studying in the UK.

From this unusual move by the national security authorities, MI6 has completely angered China this time. In recent years, overseas hostile forces have been extremely rampant, and they have intensified their criminal hands to our country's scholars and students going abroad, developing spies to carry out intelligence collection activities in our country. Looking at the repeatedly cracked spy cases, our country's scholars and students going abroad are almost in danger, which has seriously affected the normal academic exchange activities between our country and the international community.

In response to the despicable actions of MI6, our national security authorities did not give it any face this time, but chose to expose its ugly face to the public, so that the world can be vigilant against MI6. This is also a serious warning to the British government and MI6, and even other hostile forces of other countries. If you don't want others to know, you must not do it yourself. Any criminal activities that covet our national security will be severely punished by the law.

The national security authorities' disclosure of MI6's methods of developing spies this time is also a warning to our scholars and students going abroad to keep their eyes open. There are no free lunches in the sky, and those who are overly enthusiastic without reason are either thieves or traitors. Don't become a sinner of the country and the nation because of a moment's favor.

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