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Why Every School Should Use Root to Help Teach Problem Solving, Coding, and Art

Why are kids having such a hard time in school? Maybe it's because people need to Root out the problem.

By Cato ConroyPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

It's no secret that kids need all the help they can get if they are going to succeed in life today. The most important asset children can gain during their formative years is an education that is strong in both STEM and creative fields.

Educators around the world are trying to find new ways to get children to engage in their schoolwork. Traditional education methods have been proven to be only mildly effective, which is why there are new groups trying to create toys and tech that teach.

Root is being touted as the "little robot with endless possibilities," and he's definitely living up to his name in the classroom. The more you hear about Root, the more you'll love what the future holds for students.

Root is a multipurpose robot that is designed to make learning, creativity, problem-solving, and coding fun for students. If you believe what others are saying, it's the toy that will get your kid interested in STEM.

This cute little hexagonal robot comes with a foldable dry-erase whiteboard, an app that lets you control him, as well as some decorating sheets to help you customize your Root.

Parents and teachers who care about tech literacy will adore Root.

Professor Radhika Nagpal of Harvard was the lady behind Root, and she established the company to help promote the expansion of tech literacy in schools. Since Root has hit the market, it has won multiple awards for its innovative and excellent design.

Root is a robot that offers a little something for everyone.

Most educational robots on the market are geared towards one specific age group, or one specific purpose. This means that they don't really grow with students, and at times, may not even be that fun for students to play with.

When Root was created, the team didn't want it to be a "one-trick" robot. They wanted a robot that could grow with kids, and also pivot to work with their unique skills.

That's why Root teaches art, music, coding, and more!

Root is controlled via an app.

If you want to play with your Root, you're in luck. All you need to do is install an app and connect Root to your mobile device. The app is easy to navigate and has three different levels that users can choose from.

Each level is designed to be used by a different demographic. With Level 1, you don't even need to be able to read very well. Level 2 is designed to be a good fit with middle schoolers, while Level 3 is for high school students and young adults.

Root gives kids reason to code, and also makes it easy to understand.

Root uses colorful coding blocks, fun snippets, and cool activities to teach kids about coding concepts. Using Root, kids as young as four can learn about events, sequences, and functions. Each stage gets more advanced, and closer to real-life computer programming.

Every time that you code with Root, you get to enjoy fun perks while you navigate the world of coding through your gaming.

If your child is more of a creative type, Root is a perfect introduction to the more imaginative side of coding. Just drop a pen or a marker into Root's center, program a pattern, and Root will create unique works of art that students adore.

Love music instead? Draw lines on paper, create a pathway for Root, and then code Root to play a different musical note based on the color of the line it passes over. Root has a scanner that picks up different colors, follows lines, and more.

You also can subscribe to the Root Academy.

Want to turbocharge your child's knowledge of coding and tech? If so, you will be happy to know that you can subscribe to Root Academy, a special series of courses that teaches kids the basics of coding.

The lessons are great for people as young as four years of age, which means that any kid can become a coder through their Academy. It makes learning fun, and gives kids a new vision of what tech can be.

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, Root will be an amazing investment in your kid's future.

Every child should have the ability to learn the magic that is coding, and toys that help it happen are wonderful. Root's uniquely malleable design makes it possible for kids to find a new robot buddy they will adore—and a new career in STEM!

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