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Adoption of AR-Remote Support by enterprises operating in different fields.

By Linda MalecajPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Augmented Reality (AR) nowadays is having a great impact in a variety of industries and in the way enterprises are operating. By helping field workers to complete their tasks faster and more efficiently, enabling them to connect with a contact centre expert, augmented reality technology is being highly valued and implemented by many businesses that operate in various fields. AR embraces reality and adds 3D special effects and features to it, that come from the digital side. In a highly innovative and competitive environment like the one where different enterprises operate, the journey of implementing AR remote support seems to be developing rapidly. All this implementing/adopting process has its own importance and values towards delivering qualitative solutions for different issues. By integrating AR-based remote support enterprises are having a lot of benefits. This collaboration at a real-time provided by AR increases productivity and improves accuracy. By enabling remote communication of experts to field workers provides faster process completion. This AR remote support maximizes the machine’s uptime time and provides finding the fastest and most efficient solution for certain issues. One of the distinguishing features of this AR-based remote assistance is that it distributes knowledge across borders in record time, and by that, we have a reduction on time and expenditures for site visits. These benefits will open a whole new path especially for manufacturing enterprises by making it able to save a lot of time and reduce plenty of costs.

At VSight we have developed the concept of AR-based remote support further, by enriching this complete collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform with effective AR tools and file sharing features such as a 3D object, PDF, or image. Without a doubt, VSight Remote inevitably gets integrated as a remote support for training in the field of maintenance and assembly. VSight Remote is used for skill transfer in industrial training addressing assembly and maintenance of large machinery. The great advantage of using VSight Remote for training is that the trainee can interact with the real world objects in his work environment and access the virtual information for guidance. Therefore, by this training, the trainee can easily accomplish the real task. Furthermore, the trainee can perform the actual task while accessing additional training material, and that way learning is facilitated.

VSight Remote offers high potential for different enterprises, as it can be easily used on standard hardware systems like smartphones. Field workers utilized VSight Remote to receive information about the required solutions for the issues that they might face and maintenance tasks they have to perform. Here the question of working hands-free might be raised since we know that while performing maintenance tasks hands-free working is more than necessary. The solution is smart glasses. Smart glasses, connected to VSight Remote could help in a two-way hands-free collaboration, which in other words translates to an increase in safety compliance by reducing exposure to incidents, human errors and breakdowns. This is something which on its terms improves the reputation of enterprises in different sectors. Smart glasses allow the contact centre expert to have the full view of the field worker’s environment and track the process of solving issues by giving instructions.

VSight Remote is a perfect platform to send virtually an expert to the field workers. Contact centre experts sitting anywhere in the world can virtually be in a field worker’s workplace in an instant. By utilizing the field worker’s device camera, the expert can see in real-time what the field worker needs. The expert can come up with a sequence of actions to resolve the issue and guide the fieldworker, utilizing AR tools that VSight Remote provides to clearly show the steps needed to be executed in the field worker’s reality. VSight Remote is perfect for delivering real-time field workers support, visual effective guidance and eliminating the miscommunication.

We know that AR remote support is changing enterprises’ bottom line. The innovation that is happening with AR-based remote support is getting increased every day while offering this simple and powerful solution for field workers support. This is the solution that VSight Remote provides, enabling your experts to help your field workers immediately, ensuring collaboration and quality onboarding experience.

To sum up, VSight Remote gives contact centre experts the ability to engage with field workers in a way that resolves the most difficult issues on the spot. If solved issues, improved accuracy, minimization production outages and quality of work are what you aim for your business, VSight Remote has the perfect solution for helping in achieving them.


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Marketing Specialist at Vsight: Remote Help and Maintenance with Augmented Reality.

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