When Religion and Technology Collide

Does technology and religion mix?

When Religion and Technology Collide

Many people say that religion and technology cannot coexist. Not only is this a complete lie, but the church can benefit greatly from the use of technology. It is specially created to make our lives easier and allow us to do the best job possible. When looking at this from a church perspective, a church can run flawlessly and seamlessly with the employment of good technology. You can begin to automate many of the features people were doing before and instead move them to areas which need more support. Here is what happens when religion and technology collide and here are some tools that can help make this a positive within your church and religion.

Online Donations

Donations are the heart and soul of every church. They are used to help upgrade the church and keep the building in proper order, while also being distributed to help the poor. Every church needs the support of its patrons to stay afloat and help the community. Typically, when people attend mass or service once a week, they make a small donation to help the church, but what happens if they are not there that week? While some people might donate double the following week, most forget, and this money is lost forever. By finding the right software platform for your church and allowing and accepting online donations, you ensure that everyone is able to donate on a weekly basis and on their own time as well. Not only that, but donations become a lot easier for you to track throughout the year as well. At the end of the year, people are supposed to get a tax form which they can use to expense the amount of money they donated. An online tool would automatically sort out everyone’s donations and file them away. When it comes time for tax season, these forms can instantly be pulled up and sent off due to the nature of the software. Allowing for online donating is extremely efficient and allows for church resources to be better allocated in other areas.

Online Counselling

People turn to religion to seek comfort when things go bad in their life. If you are heavily involved in your religious community and help these people, you know it can be tough to schedule them all and find time to see them. Not only that, but you never know how many people you are going to get or even if people are going to come in to see you. All of this can be changed with online counselling. By starting a secure chat online, you can talk with the person about their problems and offer guidance as necessary to help them get through their rough patch. Sometimes, these people are so distraught that they do not even want to leave their homes. An online video chat tool allows you to make that connection with them at any time and get them the support and assistance that they need. Not only that, but this tool can be used to set up in person counselling in the future, making it much easier than sending emails back and forth or just showing up to the community. Look to help out those within the church by getting a good video chat program and communicating with them.

Create and Manage Religious Programs

No matter what the religion or church, there are always programs created to help bring people closer to their faith and allow them to enrich their lives. While these programs might start out shaky, once they get going they are strong. Do you wonder if the program you want to run will have enough attention? By using software to connect people to your church, you can ask who would be interested in attending these programs. Not only that, but you can determine what day would work best for the majority of the people and then use it for attendance and scheduling in the future. You can make your programs run seamlessly with good technology.

Technology and religion can work together in amazing ways if you allow them to. You can run your faith based centre with ease and collect online donations from all your patrons. You can provide online counselling and support to members who need it, and finally you can get the information you need to create and manage religious programs. With so many possibilities, there truly isn’t a reason to avoid technology and stay in the dark ages. While religion and its history may be dated, don’t let it's practices be. What technology will you implement into your ministry?

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