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Uttarakhand burrow breakdown

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By INDRANIL GANGULYPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse Updates:

Manual boring starts, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi petitions God for safe departure. Prayers are being offered at the main gate of the tunnel where rescue operations are underway to free the trapped workers.

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr. PK Mishra visited the Silk Yala tunnel and communicated with the workers trapped there. He also spoke to the families of the trapped workers. He also received a report on food distribution to workers.

Vertical excavation in the Uttarakhand tunnel collapse rescue operation is still underway, with north of 86 meters actually left to be recovered. 1 Meter Manual Boring Done; Vertical Exhausting Liable to Be Finished By Nov 30. Robotics expert Milind Raj said he was at the scene to ensure the mental health of the 41 workers stuck in the Silk Yala tunnel.

Live updates on Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: Vertical excavation operations to rescue 41 workers trapped in the Uttarakhand tunnel collapse are currently underway, with authorities considering multiple plans on day 16 of the operation.

Rescue workers work on the collapsed Silk Yala tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand state, India, November 27, 2023.

Rescue workers work on the collapsed Silk Yala tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand state, India, November 27, 2023. (AFP)

Vertical excavation of the Silk Yala hill began on Sunday afternoon, with approximately 110 meters of the hill having to be excavated to rescue the trapped workers. Machines have already excavated 20 meters of the hill at a rapid pace, with about 86 meters still remaining.

The vertical excavator was used because an American auger failed to excavate the tunnel horizontally and got stuck in the metal grinder in the middle of the excavation process. The main points of rescue operations are as follows. The work was carried out quickly, with vertical excavators already digging 20 meters into the ground in the first 12 hours of the rescue operation.

A vertical excavator advances rapidly from the top of the hill, and a plasma excavator flown in from Hyderabad cuts it out of the pipe at the end of the tunnel.

The trapped men are provided with fresh food, water and medicine through a small 6-inch tunnel through the rubble. Once the vertical excavation is complete, the 41 trapped workers will be ejected from the collapsed tunnel using chippers and tethers.

Rescue operations are expected to continue for another 24 hours as the final stages of the mission are currently underway.

Rodent opening digging specialists brought in for penetrating through burrow trash, vertical exhausting gains ground. Twelve rodent opening mining specialists will be engaged with manual boring and exhuming evenly through the last 10-or 12-meter stretch of garbage of the imploded piece of the under-development burrow on Uttarakhand's Scorch Dham course.

This boring was before being done by an immense drill machine that stalled out in the rubble on Friday, compelling authorities to zero in on an elective choice - - penetrating down from over the passage. Around 40% of the 86-meter vertical boring required is currently finished.

This is an indigenous technology, We have a system in place to monitor the health of our workers 24/7. Internet service will also be provided. This rescue robot system will help detect dangerous gases such as methane inside.

Psychiatric consultation, daily conversations with relatives: How do the workers trapped in the Sikalala tunnel maintain their motivation?

The family of Saba Ahmad, one of the 41 workers stranded in the Sikalala tunnel for 15 days, continues to mention this when communicating with him. Microphones were sent through pipes to workers stranded on a two-kilometre-long urban stretch behind the debris piled up at the site of the collapse, allowing them to communicate with people outside.

Additionally, the families of trapped workers can talk to them at any time. The government set up a camp for workers' relatives outside the tunnel.

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