The Ultimate Guide on Internet Privacy

The internet is such a spectacular technology that has brought us massive benefits. However, as you use the internet for a wide range of activities, you are constantly being monitored by various parties.

The Ultimate Guide on Internet Privacy

The internet is such a spectacular technology that has brought us massive benefits. However, as you use the internet for a wide range of activities, you are constantly being monitored by various parties. Hence, you have to bear it in mind that anything you are doing online is not entirely private as certain parties have access to your digital footprint.

Don’t worry as there are a couple of things you can do to ensure internet privacy and this is what this article is based on. Therefore, let’s check out the ultimate guide on internet privacy.

Why are you being monitored?

Having known that websites and other third parties may be tracking you, you may want to understand what they track and why they are tracking you. In most cases, the websites are tracking you for marketing reasons. In other words, modern marketing strategies are now focused on providing each client with services and products that are particularly tailored to suit their specific tastes and needs.

For this to be possible, websites keep track of the things you search for or do online. With this, they understand your interests and customize advertisements to suit you. For instance, if you constantly search for used cars online, you can easily come across ads of websites that sell used cars on Facebook, YouTube, or any other platforms.

Besides, there are certain sets of information that are usually obtained during the monitoring processes. These include your IP location, personal information, social media activities, surfing activities, online purchases, credit card numbers, and lots more.

How to ensure your internet privacy

To guarantee your internet privacy, consider doing the following:

Use the right browsers

Your browser plays a pivotal role in ensuring your internet privacy. This is because certain browsers have excellent safety and privacy features that can boost your online privacy.

Here are some of the best browsers with great privacy features such as ad-blocking and tracking protection.

• Brave

• Firefox

• Epic Privacy Browser

• Tor Browser

Improve your browsing habits

Knowing the best browsers for privacy is great but these browsers may not help you if you don’t cultivate certain browsing habits. These habits don’t only protect your digital footprints but they also enhance your browsing experience.

A few of browsing habits you should adopt include:

• Endeavor to switch search engines from time to time

• Install add-ons that can safeguard your browsing information

• Use different browsers for different activities. For instance, you have a dedicated browser for profession activities and another for personal activities

Always consider account authentication and security

Nowadays, several sites provide Multifactor Authentication measures that help you protect your online accounts. However, you may have the option of not using the measures. Well, you should never make the mistake of not using it. You must always go for account authentication and security on any website.

Clear cookies

If you want to ensure your internet privacy, you must always clear your computer cookies. In simple terms, computer cookers are known as packets of data collected from your computer and kept by programs and sites to track your activities and visits. With the help of cookies, websites can determine your searches during the last visits and provide ads and content that may suit your preferences.

To guarantee your online privacy, go under the privacy of your browser, and clear all cookies. Also, some third-party tools are designed for getting rid of all cookies on your computers.

Use VPNs

Your IP address is often used for monitoring you on the internet. Therefore, you should never overlook the essence of protecting your address with the help of VPNs. Notably, a VPN is a program that spoofs your location. In other words, a VPN makes it look as if you are browsing from another location. Also, the best VPNs offer encryptions and secure connections that can even help you access websites that you normally cannot access from your current location.

Some top-quality VPNs are:

• NordVPN

• Hotspot Shield

• ExpressVPN

• PureVPN

• Mullvad VPN

In a nutshell, if you don’t want any unauthorized party to have access to your personal and browsing information, you must be proactive about protecting your internet privacy. So, follow the steps highlighted above and stay safe on the internet.

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Medusa Hornia
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