6 Ways a VPN Protects Your Internet Privacy

Why you should have a VPN

6 Ways a VPN Protects Your Internet Privacy
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Internet privacy has soared to new heights as a popular topic among internet users. Many people are already aware of clearing caches and cookies to leave no trace of their activity to websites to do what they want with it. With a virtual private network or VPN, protecting credentials and other sensitive information from the internet has never been easier. But what activities can a VPN assist internet users with? Read on to get educated on one of the most powerful privacy tools of internet history.

1. Online Shopping

Did you know that whenever you visit a store online, the website can tell? A good VPN, as recommended by reputable resources like The VPN Experts, will shield your private information from cookies and other internet trackers. What’s even better is that a VPN complemented with any secure payment systems available will keep your payment and purchase information hidden from the public of the internet. Now, you can buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing and continue shopping in peace.

2. Working and Business

A quality VPN can protect your digital assets while you conduct business online. Do you need to edit a PDF? There’s no need to worry about others seeing any private information on the file, aside from the recipient. Confidential files and documents are protected under the privacy of a VPN so no one else has access to the information. The added encryption can make working from home or your office a breeze.

3. Entertainment

Who says you have to stick to what you know with streaming movies? Sometimes, you’ll feel like venturing out of your homeland’s Netflix offerings to see a film from another country. It’s possible that your settings won’t allow you to stream it due to a proxy being in place. Your VPN will allow you to bypass these constraints by scrambling your IP address to one in the country of your choice. Now, you can enjoy the international content you want without the hassles of restrictions.

4. Communications and Social Media

End-to-end encryption for conversations on messaging apps and websites can give users peace of mind knowing their private conversations are private. To strengthen the privacy further, a VPN will do the trick. When you communicate with others under a random IP address, your actual one won’t be visible to others, especially any potential hackers. This also applies to social media; sites like Facebook and Instagram often have trackers and cookies to “learn” a user’s browsing habits. This leads to more targeted ads on any site you visit. VPNs can cut internet tracking by at least half, so you can chat with your friends and family with no worry.

5. Downloading Files

File downloading is one of the most common actions anyone takes on the internet. One can download programs to enhance their unique user experience. Some of the most common downloaded files are music, videos, and documents. VPNs are ideal to have for downloading many important files and programs because of their convenience. Websites can even track data on who downloads their files, so having a VPN running can keep your identity hidden while you do so.

6. Fewer Advertisements

Whether or not one likes them, internet advertisements are here to stay. Many websites on the internet rely on ad revenue to stay online. This is why you see many targeted ads and autoplay video content across the map. Not everyone cares for ads of any kind at all because of their intrusiveness, frequency, and the annoyance they bring. Ad blockers are the most popular browser add-ons for these reasons. When you pair an ad blocker with a VPN, you’re free to browse to your heart’s content knowing your digital footprint is minimized. There will be fewer obnoxious advertisements, too.

In short, a VPN does wonders for internet privacy. Consider starting a trial before committing to it—you might end up enjoying the extra wall of protection.

Paisley Hansen
Paisley Hansen
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